Press Release: Ed Day Announces Re-Election

Ed Day Announces Re-Election

Rockland County Executive Ed Day, today, announced he is seeking re-election. Day, first elected in 2013, announced his intentions citing the positive results of his first term in office.

“Three years ago, we set out to stabilize Rockland’s finances, support economic growth and preserve our County for future generations. Today your County government is smaller; your County Government is smarter and your County Government is stronger,” Day proclaimed to the large crowd gathered at Haverstraw Bay County Park.

Day also stressed that while he has been an effective leader for Rockland, there is still more work to be done.

“Make no mistake, even more challenges lie ahead. Challenges to the rich history, quality and character of our diverse neighborhoods.  Challenges by those motivated by greed. Challenges by those who ignore the laws that all of us abide by. Challenges to our volunteer firefighters and first responders. Our eyes are wide open to the challenges that lie ahead.”

“With your continued support, we can and will overcome these challenges,” Day said.

Day concluded by telling the crowd he is committed to continuing to make the tough decisions, challenge the status quo and fight every day to make lives better.

“I will keep fighting to make Rockland County a better place for all. That is my passion. During times of great challenge it is not words that get it done… it is action.  And time and time again, when I saw a problem that needed to be solved, I took that action. And you can count on me to continue to do exactly that. So, if you believe in actions, not just words, I am asking for you to stand with me. Rockland County will have a great tomorrow, if we make the right choices today,” Day concluded.

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Ed Day, the current Rockland County Executive, has resided in Rockland for over 30 years and raised his family here. His varied non-political background includes executive professional experience in law enforcement and the private sector; civic experience including being past president of the Little Tor Neighborhood Association and 20 years of coaching young people; and extensive school and youth advocacy that includes being a PTA Life Award winner.

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