Let us all drop the pretense that celebrities, media personalities, opinion makers, politicians of the statist – progressive persuasion, intellectually conclude disarming the public or infringing on the law abiding, will magically stop gang wars, terrorists, anarchist, mass murders or the deranged serial killer from committing wanton havoc using an illegally or legally obtained firearm or other weapon.

Every single professional law enforcement officer, sheriff, corrections officer, judge and lawyer all know from personal experience that the penal code and prison do not prevent murders because the system is designed for retribution and punishment after the crime is committed.   This does not help the murder victim nor prevent crime.

You, me and they all know this.  So this phony debate is nothing but a diversion and distraction from the truth.”Gun-Control” headlines and political demands for it are unadulterated propaganda and meaningless in the realm of harsh reality.

So let us dispense with this falsehood and address the fact of the matter.It is a well known, long standing political objective of the far left wing progressive party platform, that are  by nature, control obsessed statist; to deconstruct the Bill of Rights and ‘fundamentally’ change America into a democratic socialists – fascist hybrid state.

The standard propagandist methodology used by Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin,  and Mao continues to be orchestrate riots and manipulate children per the Alinsky model.  Create anarchy, chaos, fear, sympathy until the people surrender their freedom in trade for the false sense of safety.

Under the sober light of laser focused scrutiny through the lens of a red-blooded American nationalist their pattern is crystal clear.  To others, they disturbingly fell for it. Some will never admit they were faked out by the Jedi mind-trick or realize they just are enamored of the fantasy story that a gun-grab will stop murderers.  The truth is there is a deception attached to the gun controllers and it is directed at those of us who see through it.

What part of “inalienable rights” do they not not comprehend?  The power of the Bill of Rights is entrusted to the free citizenry of the United States of America.  It is not government granting the people permission to freely speak, think, worship, bear arms, defend their rights, or protect their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The 2nd Amendment most of all, literally empowers the people  to constrain and restrain an abusive government and protect our elections from usurpation. Apparently, a few generations have been dumbed down to the point of utter confusion as to being clueless to what Tide Soap Pods are for or which public toilet is reserved for their gender according to physiology not ideology in the interests of what is reasonably good for the social order.

The Bill of Rights seems to be relentlessly attacked by you left wing progressive statist every time a crime is committed by some societal miscreant. Or more nefariously, by an engineered false flag event for which there seems to be ample evidence for paid anarchist street violence, orchestrated by a palatable but unseen puppet master, pulling the strings for political advantage.

Every American citizen, with a modicum of street smarts, fully understands that infringing on the law abiding with bans or limits, will not by one iota stop a socio path bent on murder, driven by what ever motive or pharmaceutical cocktail prescribed to the mentally disturbed.

Age limits will not magically cure a murderous 18 year old on their 21st birthday.   Banning firearms accessories, brands, calibers, or designs will not dissuade a jihadist with a truck on a walking path or two brothers with a pressure cooker at a marathon.

Crying children, televised marches on legislative buildings, nor profane exchanges in town halls or with talk show hosts, will melt the heart of the cold blooded school shooter if his target is declared a gun-free zone or his firearm is banned. It only would serve the progressivists agenda and nothing more.

Which leads us all to the glaring conclusion for even the most obtuse reader among you that the vociferous gun-controllers are merely marionettes for the shadowy statist agenda of disarming free, law abiding citizens by incremental, creeping, infringements or societal conditioning of shaming gun-owners into voluntarily disarming or brainwashing an already dumbed down generation to beg the statists government to take away their freedom in the name of protection.

Let history be our teacher.  The consistent outcome of a population disarmed by their own government was never to protect them or free them.   It is high time, the deluded snap out of it, the apathetic pay attention, the liberal minded tend to their own business and leave the rest of us the hell alone, and the illuminated patriot, stock up on more ammo and get out the vote.

The framers of the constitution were unambiguous in their intent and language.  They empowered every free person to hold responsible; all or any oath taker who swore to God to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Be they elected official, armed forces, or uniformed law enforcement officer, who willingly, knowingly, and with malice of forethought, violates that oath or attempts to impede, infringe, or deny the inalienable rights of any American citizen, strive to impose an unconstitutional agenda, are unworthy of their office, and disgrace their uniform.

If push comes to shove, where personal freedom or life and liberty are threatened, by that individual, party, agency or official, they may be deemed a domestic enemy by abuse of their authority and violate their oath.

A free and armed citizenry are justified to bear the responsibility and assume the public duty to resist them by ballot or bullet.  Such is the unique character of the American people bound together in this constitutional republic by blood, oath, and honor.  Herein lies the lesson and warning to us all.