Woodbury Police Benevolent Association: Vote No Confidence For Vasquez

photo credit: Vasquez for Sheriff

photo credit: Vasquez for Sheriff

Candidate for Rockland County Sheriff’, Richard Vasquez’s peers, subordinates, co-workers, supervisors and now the Police Benevolent Association are calling for him to be removed from the position of Woodbury Police Chief by a unanimous member vote of “no confidence.”   It was reported that Vasquez was suspended from that position recently by the Woodbury Town Board.  Following that, local news reported allegations of  multiple domestic violence reports originating from the Vasquez household.

Woodbury PD Chief Domestic Violence allegations

This letter made public by the Woodbury PBA discloses their train of reasons asking for his removal.    The Rockland Voice has invited Mr. Vasquez to participate in a taped interview to address our readers.  No response has yet been issued to the Rockland Voice from the Vasquez campaign.



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