Under New Management: New York State Latino National Republican Coalition

Don't panic - Organize!

Don’t panic – Organize!  LNRC on a mission

As of 1 June 2018, the New York State Latino National Republican Coalition is under new management.  The former NYS Chair, Orange County, Ruben Estrada announced he quit as a life long republican to join the New York Reform Party.

In the wake of Mr. Estrada abruptly vacating the seat, the active LNRC members from much of the Hudson Valley, to include, Sullivan, Orange, Rockland, Westchester activated their voting process to elect new leadership.

Mr. Fernando Melendez, a leader in the Orange County LNRC nominated Mr. Anthony Melé, Chairman, LNRC Rockland County for the position of New York State Chair.  The nomination was seconded by Mr. Lawrence Stone, LNRC Rockland County.  The nomination was passed without objection and the nominee was circulated among the active membership at large over a span of nearly 2 weeks for evaluation and voting.

Anthony Melé is a founding member of the LNRC New York and was voted in as Chair of the Rockland County Chapter 2014.  He served 2 years as Vice Chair on the NYS Executive Committee.

The LNRC was founded by Mr. Manuel Rosales in 2014.  He formerly served on Republican National Committee in Washington, DC with RNC Chairman Michael Steele.  Mr. Rosales first met Mr. Melé in 2010 when he was the Republican nominee for Congressional District NY 17 running against entrenched politician Eliot Engel.   Mr. Melé captured the attention of the RNC by his grassroots campaign primary win and as the first latino Republican to win a primary nomination in the NY17th CD.

The RNC conducts an invitation only congressional candidate school at Republican Hqs. in Washington, DC taught by Mr. Rosales, where Mr. Melé was elected class leader by his candidate peers.

Upon notification of the LNRC New York Voting results, Mr. Rosales, LNRC National Chairman, advised the newly minted NYS Chairman to carefully pick his team of State wide officers.

The new officers include;

Chairman, Hispanic Unity Party, NYS Puerto Rican Party, Mr. Dany Esquilin to NYS Executive Vice Chair for Coalitions

Mr. Joseph Gomez, to NYS Vice Chair, Albany / Upstate

Mr. Mario Marquez, to NYS Vice Chair, West Orange County

Mr. Hector Garced, to NYS Vice Chair, Westchester County

Mr. Felix Lopez, to NYS Vice Chair, Sullivan County

Mr. Louis Hernandez, to NYS Vice Chair Law Enforcement Liason

Mr. Lawrence Stone, to NYS LNRC Media Spokesman

Mr. George Avilas, to NYS LNRC Media Spokesman – Spanish language

Mr. John Burnett, to Regional Strategic Advisor, Bronx County

NYS Advisory Regional Representatives Council:

Mr. Fernando Melendez, Edward Gonzalez, Angel Rivera, Jose Nunez, Jeanine Vecchiarelli, Nick Vecchiarelli, Michael Gries, Barbara Gries, Lorraine Marquez, Felix Lopez, Claudio Lopez, Alexandru Popa, Hector Garced, Joe Candela, Kevin Kelly, Joe Ciardullo, Joe Shedlawski, Sam Manrique, Augustin Rodriquez, Joe Eraso, Javi Castro, Jose Guerra, Anthony Stone, JC Joseph, Luis Nevelo,  Washo Sanchez, Giovanni Taveras, Omar Lebron

According to Mr. Melé, “the business of the NYS LNRC under this new management team will be to create more leaders from within our respective communities. We intend to increase public awareness about the value of their vote, register new voters to the Republican Party, and groom upcoming and incumbent candidates to provide strong representation of their community and constituents.”

“One does not have to be ‘latino” to be a member of the LNRC because “latino” denotes our flavor not an exclusivity.  All we require is shared principles not shared ethnicity. You do not have to be Asian to enjoy P.F. Chang’s or Scottish to go into a McDonalds.”; says Melé

On identity politics Chairman Melé continues;  “There is no minority voter.  We all get one vote no matter what ethnicity, religion, gender or orientation.  Your one vote is no less than their one vote.  We refuse to self segregate, we intend to fully integrate into political leadership roles.  The only way to reform the Republican Party is from the inside out not the outside in. Join us no matter what ethnicity you may be.”

On political candidates he added; “We invite candidates to submit their request for endorsement along with their platform.  We assemble our panel of members who interview the candidate in a private setting and encourage candor and confidentiality. The panel then submits their recommendation to the membership at large for voting to endorse or not.  The value of an LNRC NYS endorsement is that it is earned not awarded and the public value our endorsements because of it.”

On the Republican Party:  “There is a widening gap between the Republican Party and the Republican Committee members since they are not one in the same. To be a Republican is defined as providing the “loyal opposition”.  Anytime there is a democrat running unopposed or RINO unchallenged in a primary that mandate goes unfulfilled.  The LNRC is autonomous. We intend to build a bench of qualified candidates for primary or general elections, we will assure the public of a loyal opposition team.”

The Latino National Republican Coalition of New York State may be under new management but promises to preserve traditional American values that ensure full participation in the political process for every citizen of the United States no matter to race, creed, religion or country of origin.



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