ROCKLAND VOICE Endorses Betty Carmand for Legislature District #8

Betty Carmand - Spring Valley Candidate for Legislature District # 3

Betty Carmand – Spring Valley/Hillcrest
Candidate for Legislature District # 8   photo credit.  B.C.

The Rockland Voice has endorsed Betty Carmand for the Legislature District #8, comprised of Spring Valley and Hillcrest.  We have observed Ms. Carmand’s approach as an advocate for all of the children in the East Ramapo Central School District with increased interest.

Her devotion to this cause is boundless. Her dedication is relentless.  Her honesty is refreshing.  Her prudence and maturity in a district that is rife with imprudence and immaturity is sorely needed.

Ms. Carmand has demonstrated she understands this community and what needs to be done.  She has worked tirelessly with the variety of civic groups and ad hoc committees in a clear demonstration that she is willing to do what it takes to craft a solution.

In her recent interview with Rockland Voice, she articulated a cogent and insightful assessment of where many of these disparate efforts can be improved upon to attain a singular goal.  She is not dogmatic but solutions driven.  This is the kind of leadership Spring Valley is in need of right now.

If the voters from all sides galvanize behind her, she will be the kind of Legislator that brings thoughtfulness, compassion, and willingness to work well with others, which are the prime ingredients to getting things done.

The Rockland Voice urges the District 8 voters to reserve a seat for Ms. Carmand at the Rockland County Legislature.  She will be a fresh and mature Legislator who will bring honor and confidence to these august chambers.  Keep an eye on her.  She is a rising star.

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