Letter To My Ramapo Neighbors


​​​​​​September, 2015

Dear Ramapo Neighbor:

I am seeking to fill the legislative seat being vacated by Legislator Joe Meyers, who has chosen not to seek re-election. For several decades the Rockland County Legislature has flown under the radar; being reactive rather than proactive, with a majority of legislators controlled, influenced, afraid, or a combination thereof, of the Town of Ramapo, ballot lines, re-election and political party affiliation.

The election of Ed Day, the rise of social media, and a new awakening by the public, which is slowly morphing away from voting based on political party affiliation, has thrust the Legislature into the spotlight. Whether it is approving funding for a questionable storage facility in Clarkstown; a questionable bus washing proposal; or the lack of oversight and questionable financial practices at Rockland County Sewer District One, the dysfunctional, self-serving nature of many of those in the legislature has been exposed. One Legislator questioned the cost of a fiscal monitor for the East Ramapo School District, simultaneously ignoring the fact that the same School Board paid an absurd amount (three million dollars) in legal fees to defend lawsuits in one year.

Some of the objectives I will be seeking to achieve if elected are as follows:

➢ A full review of Rockland County Sewer District Number 1 due to recent revelations of what appears to be another case of a quasi-governmental agency, with lack of requisite oversight, potentially bungling tens of millions of taxpayer dollars over the last decade; with the ultimate goal of dissolving the sewer district and placing it under the auspices of county government.

➢ A more aggressive approach in the fight against white collar crime in Rockland ranging from Medicaid fraud to brazen campaign finance violations perpetrated by our elected officials that undermine the very fabric of our society. There is an abundance of local residents with financial backgrounds that I am sure would volunteer their time to assist law enforcement with the tedious legwork that slows down these financial investigations.

➢ Work with our statewide elected representatives to attempt to reconfigure property tax exemptions for certain non-profits as they relate to smaller municipalities. In my opinion there is a disconnect between property taxes, which I maintain is a fee to manage a local community, and state and federal taxes, which are spread throughout the entire populace; a portion of which subsidizes the non-profit tax revenue short-fall.

In the Village of Suffern, for example, non-profit tax exemptions cost the village conservatively one million dollars in tax revenue per year. Unlike the private sector,government has limited avenues to generate additional revenues above and beyond taxes. There are several formulas and avenues that can be pursued to bring greater balance to localities while at the same time not over- burdening the non-profit.

➢ Introduce a series of revenue segregation strategies; a concept that keeps certain unanticipated revenues and cost savings out of the general fund and applies them directly to outstanding debt. It also calls for certain provisions to specifically reduce a percentage of any new debt incurred in the previous fiscal year.

There are many other concerns we need to work on as a community, from protecting open space and preventing over development to enforcing code violations and attracting new business to the county.

If you have any questions or wish to support my campaign with a lawn sign, please email me at charlesfalciglia@yahoo.com. I will be more than pleased to meet with anyone who wishes to discuss any matter in depth.You can also visit my Facebook Page – Charles Falciglia, Public Figure, for further information.

​​​​​​​​​ Sincerely,
Charles Falciglia
Candidate for Rockland County Legislature
District 12 – Airmont, Suffern, Hillburn​​​​​​​​

About Charles Falciglia

Charles is a former Suffern Village Trustee and 2013 Mayoral Candidate for the Village of Suffern.

About the Author
Charles is a former Suffern Village Trustee and 2013 Mayoral Candidate for the Village of Suffern.

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