Legislature Candidate Kantrowitz Open to Debate Qualifications

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Barry Kantrowitz currently represents Rockland County’s 5th Legislative District.  He was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Ed Day upon his election to the office of County Executive, Mr. Kantrowitz serves for the interim until a formal election takes place in November.

Mr. Kantrowitz was nominated by Chairwoman Harriet Cornell, seconded by Legislator Alden Wolfe, and appointed through unanimous consent by the legislative body without objection.

This appointment marks Mr. Kantrowitz’s political debut.  He is an attorney who grew up in Rockland County and maintains his law firm as well as his residence here.

Mr. Kantrowitz accepted the Legislature’s invitation for appointment. He wants to address the county’s biggest concerns: high taxes; the fiscal crisis; inefficiencies in government; and abuse of government benefits.

Mr. Kantrowitz’s first six months of activity in the Legislature include:

introduction of a resolution in support of the School Taxpayer’s Accountability Act to bring fiscal oversight to school districts statewide. This initiative includes the successful advocating for the appointment of a Fiscal Monitor in East Ramapo;

introduction of a resolution requesting that the State Legislature pass Assembly bill A.5042A and Senate bill S. 2617A which would provide a greater incentive to local governments to combat Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse;

introduction of a resolution in support of pending state bills calling for the creation of an Enterprise Fraud Program Office to provide for the detection and prevention of fraud, waste, abuse and improper payments by state government through the use of modern technology across state agencies, programs and functions;

introduction of a proposed new law entitled the Protect our Pets Act, designed to address the growing problem of irresponsible breeding and sales of dogs and cats.

Mr. Kantrowitz serves on the Public Safety, Multi-Services and Environmental Committees.

Mr. Kantrowitz calls for all hands on deck to address the overriding critical issues of deficit reduction and restoration of fiscal stability in our county. He told Rockland Voice;  “I look forward to continuing to dedicate my efforts on all levels of government to repair Rockland.





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Jeanine Vecchiarelli writes news, opinion and commentary for The Rockland Voice and The Independent Sentinel.