EDITORIAL: Why The Populists Republican Candidate Is Winning – An Analysis

President Theodore Roosevelt - Populist credit: wikipedia

President Theodore Roosevelt – Populist
credit: wikipedia

You can’t con people, at least not for long. You can create excitement, you can do wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw in a little hyperbole. But if you don’t deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on.”  ~ Donald J. Trump – Art of the Deal

Time to time, it is useful to initiate a lively debate, invite contrasting view points, and in the realm of this seasons presidential political landscape, boy, do we have so much to work with.  If you’re among those easily offended or your mind is made up and will not entertain a counter point, stop reading now.  

This is for those with a tougher skin and candidly, I want to stir up a debate.  This editorial is for the open-minded, the undecideds, the skeptics, and those whose nagging intuitions tell you that there is much more going on here with this election than we’re being told.

To the political junkies, pundits, talking heads and polling analyst, you are still mystified and cannot find the category to put the non-establishment candidates in.  The rules of the game are not being followed.   Let’s change the rules.

Let’s dispose of the known quantities.  Hillary, Bernie and the establishment Left-wing have announced the demise of the Democrat Party.  They will argue that is it not dead, but simply evolved into the next phase of its’ political evolution from soft liberalism to gentle progressivism into a full blown Statist – totalitarianism.

I am openly instigating a fight between the democrats suffering an identify crisis.  Didn’t you watch Hillary and Bernie’s so called soft ball debate, arguing which of them would be the better wrecking ball against the American Capitalist, free market system?

Each describe who was best qualified to murder Wall Street traders, Investment bankers, Capital investors, and the mom and pop stock holders.    Hillary said she wants to slowly strangle the life out of them with her bare hands and crinkly regulatory fingers wrapped around their neck until they donate money to her charities or invite her as a key note speaker.   While Bernie wants to take the Hammer to bludgeon them over the head to avenge every seal pup that became a coat hung over a chair at a Senate fund-raiser, then use the Sickle to disembowel the free stuff out of them.

The disconcerting part about it all is that dumbed down college students, attending Ivy League liberal universities, trampling American flags on campus, and pleading for “no white people allowed safe spaces”,  who would willingly sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights; are who these two enlightened candidates are appealing to in order to win their vote to decide which will win the nomination.   If you’re offended, stop reading now.  You will not be able to contain yourself over the next paragraph about the Republicans.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a registered Republican.  I ran for office as a Republican.   I campaign for Republicans.  I have endorsed Republicans.  I donate money to Republicans. From the first time I met President Ronald Wilson Reagan, I became a Republican.  I am the Chairman of the Latino National Republican Coalition of Rockland County.  We are a committee of Republican volunteers in an autonomous and independent chapter, subject only to our own by-laws.  I serve at the pleasure of the committee members who elected me and no one else.  We are our own family.

The following opinions  are my own personal view points, and do not reflect the positions of any other independent LNRC affiliate, chapter or membership, anywhere.   We are all free thinkers and entitled each to our own perspectives.  That is what makes us Republicans.  So if you have a complaint, drop it the gripe box down the hall, or stop reading now.  I guarantee some of you will be offended.  It is not my intent, it is my expectation. I know a lot of thin skinned Republicans too.  They’ll chime in soon enough.

The Republican Party on a national level are dumb as a box of rocks.  The last two Republican Presidential elections were by far the most crucial elections in my life-time.  If they were thrown intentionally or lost by incompetence or rigged by back room cigar smoking players; it cannot be worse than the parade of political circus performers they are offering us this time around.

Here is what causes me the greatest amount of personal pain.  I will admit openly, I will vote for any of them over Hillary or Bernie.  This is what my party has reduced a man like me to.  They have taken me from vote by principle, to vote for anybody but the other side.   There is no place left to run.  This is plain wrong.  Forced to face this reality, the pragmatist side of me made me find a new avenue to analyze it, make sense, come up with a plan of action, and make the case for the best choice we have.  Bear with me and continue reading, since you got this far without your head exploding, indicates you’re strong enough to deal with the rest.  Keep an open mind going forward. Here is what I come up with, we have no place to run, all we can do is stand and fight:

 “Put them in a spot where they have no place to go, and they will die before fleeing. If they are to die there, what can they not do? Warriors exert their full strength. When warriors are in great danger, then they have no fear. When there is nowhere to go they are firm, when they are deeply involved they stick to it. If they have no choice, they will fight.”  General Sun Tzu – The Art of War ~

If war is like a gun and politics is knowing when to pull the trigger, then money are the bullets. Politics like war is the art of deception and skillful use of persuasion with minimum loss of resources.   This will be more than a Billion dollar Presidential campaign.   Hillary has money channeled to her by questionable networks going through multiple accounts from her charities, over inflated speaking engagements, foreigners and other nefarious dealings linked to the Clintons dating back to their days in Arkansas.  

Bernie Sanders was engineered into this race because he is considered farther left of Hillary.  The Hillary camp concocted a formula where they can place someone further left of her, in order to make Hillary look good.  Turns out, Hillary is so bad, she made Bernie, an avowed Marxist, look good, and he threatens to be electable in the United States of America.

The grim strategist and fighting general in me must now assess, who will assuredly beat the Left wing candidate?   First, we must be wary of the Left wing infiltrator to the Right.  Second, watch the money trail, this is the enemies ammunition supply.  The establishment wanted Jeb or Hillary and that is how it was engineered.  Another Bush/Clinton rivalry was no accident, it was planned.  The result would not matter, since they are on the same team.   Jeb also showed poorly.   The fight shifted between Rubio and Jeb, not over ideology but over the big money.   Suddenly, deceptively, money found its’ way into Rubio’s coffers.  His shift in poll numbers came as a direct result of his new money due to Jeb’s fall not Rubio’s rise.  Rubio is the establishment’s push, their hold card.  Rubio cannot beat the Left.  The money is not his to control.  It will dry up as fast as it appeared. He is the infiltrator.  The art of deception, skill of persuasion ploy is at work there. Think about that.

Senator Ted Cruz is joyful, political entertainment, whose soaring rhetoric make zing go the strings of my Republican Constitutionalist heart.  Cruz cannot beat the Left wing Billion dollar, money monster.  His rise is fabricated.  He is getting sudden help.  The Left do not fear him.  The Left announced they prefer Trump by reverse psychology and collusion with former President Jimmy Carter’s statement. Carter said he prefers Trump over Cruz, if he had to chose between them.  Notice the question was not between the Left and Right.   When the worst President in the modern age until President Obama endorses a Republican candidate, then pick that candidate too. It was meant as a kiss of death.  It was an an assassination attempt.  This tells us who it is they really fear the most and do not want to confront in the general election.  It is a reverse barometer formula we need apply here because it was meant to deceive you into supporting the competitor they fear least and want to run against the most.   Carter translation means they fear Trump most and not Cruz at all.

“So if you do not know the plans of your competitors, you cannot make informed alliances.”  General Sun Tzu – The Art of War ~

The Art of War ~ Sun Tzu credit: media photo bucket

The Art of War ~ Sun Tzu
credit: media photo bucket

Businessman Donald J. Trump.  He can beat the Left wing and take the White House 2016.  Besides the money.  The Left wing are terrified of him.  The media cannot control him.  The Party cannot defy him.  The pundits cannot define him.  The pollsters cannot explain him.  He is an enigma only to the establishment but clear as sunshine after a rainstorm to the average American working class.    Trump is the closest thing to the next “populist” President since Teddy Roosevelt.

History repeats itself.  Teddy Roosevelt was shot in the chest as he was about to give a campaign speech.  The pages of the speech, folded in his pocket, slowed the assassins bullet, but it lodged in his body.  Roosevelt delivered the speech with the bullet in him anyway!  Just try to imagine that today.

Political assassination occurs when character assassination fails.   The level of character assassination targetted against DJT is a measure of how much fear the Left and Right have of him.  The Democrats and Republicans are colluding to destroy his campaign by assassinating his character.  If they cannot assassinate his character, they will be forced to assassinate him another way.  I have been in the VIP protective service a large part of my career.  I’ll tell you this, his security detail has an automatic car starter.  No body is taking the keys to start up his car anytime soon.

Trump does not fit the mold, he does not run like a politician, he is not suave, polished, or trained by political image consultants.  DJT behaves like a hard boned, New York Businessman, who happens to be a multi-billionaire, which is all that he is.  What you see, is what you get.

The establishment does not like his manner of speak, but they cannot catch him in a lie, unlike Hillary who has that market cornered.   They say he is not presidential, but this generation has only Obama, G.W. Bush and Clinton to compare what Presidential looks like.   They were no Lincoln’s, Kennedy’s or Reagan’s.  Trump’s job is marketing.  He is a master at marketing, none can dispute it.  His profession over 40 years has been a construction contractor and real estate broker working in New York.

Try to imagine, what a phone conversation sounds like between DJT and the Unions, Contractors, Truckers, Bankers, and Real Estate agents, when he is negotiating a deal.  I bet it would peel paint off of a battleship.  When my associates and I discuss this they invariably bring up his expletives using expletives.  I smile and say, he sounds just like you and most any working class person.  The argument ends in nodding agreement.

Here is what Teddy Roosevelt said, bleeding with a bullet his his chest:

When the Republican party – not the Republican party – when the bosses in control of the Republican party, the Barneses and Penroses, last June stole the nomination and wrecked the Republican party for good and all – I want to point out to you that nominally they stole that nomination from me, but it was really from you. They did not like me, and the longer they live the less cause they will have to like me. But while they don’t like me, they dread you. You are the people that they dread. They dread the people themselves, and those bosses and the big special interests behind them made up their mind that they would rather see the Republican party wrecked than see it come under the control of the people themselves. So I am not dealing with the Republican party. There are only two ways you can vote this year. You can be progressive or reactionary. Whether you vote Republican or Democratic it does not make a difference, you are voting reactionary.”

What Teddy Roosevelt said back then is applicable today.  Now it is evident why he was shot. There is spit’s difference between the party bosses of the Left and Right.  They fear the informed voter most of all.  They collude to deceive the voters, using every dirty trick, and device to shape public opinion, injecting their messages, subliminally, ranging from producing movies, TV Shows, news pundits, planting dis-information stories, and funneling money into the campaigns of rivals.   The Left will spend every penny of that Billion dollars to take power.  They will use it to trick us, lie to us, and make us think we should fear a successful, brash, plain speaking capitalist, more than a totalitarian, marxist, serial liar.

Polls indicate the public suspect, Trump will be true to his word.  None disagree, that he will surround himself with the best talent, best negotiators, best military minds, best political advisors, and people he trust to be successful at his job.

First, he must win over our trust.  He has the money, guts and resources to beat the Left.  What I hope, is that DJT can look me square in the eye, and convince me by saying; “I give you my word of honor, I will preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I will not lie to you, I respect the American people enough that you can take bad news and pull together as a nation to handle it. I love my country and I will do my best with the help of Almighty God to protect it.”  If he honors his word. He may close this deal in 2016.

I lit this candle.  Let the fireworks begin!










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Tony Melé, MA, Diplomacy, International Conflict Management, BS, International Relations and Counterterrorism, is a Federal Firearms Licensee, New York Gun Dealer, and is a Defense Trade Broker licensed by the US Department of State, Office for Political-Military Affairs for International Traffic and Arms Regulations. He is U.S. Army Veteran. Mr. Melé is a Knight Templar, The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem - Priory of St. Patrick. **DISCLAIMER: The Opinions published on the ROCKLAND VOICE are that of each author and in no way represent the the views or perspectives of the SMOTJ / OSMTH**

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Tony Melé, MA, Diplomacy, International Conflict Management, BS, International Relations and Counterterrorism, is a Federal Firearms Licensee, New York Gun Dealer, and is a Defense Trade Broker licensed by the US Department of State, Office for Political-Military Affairs for International Traffic and Arms Regulations. He is U.S. Army Veteran. Mr. Melé is a Knight Templar, The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem - Priory of St. Patrick. **DISCLAIMER: The Opinions published on the ROCKLAND VOICE are that of each author and in no way represent the the views or perspectives of the SMOTJ / OSMTH**