An American Principle – The Bonding Process


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An American Principle: The Bonding Process
By Peter M. Bradley

Why has the Rockland County Democratic Party lost their bond and trust with the residents of Clarkstown and Rockland?

I consider myself to be a good friend of Julie Globus, yet I feel it necessary to respond to her article that was published by the ‘Rockland Voice’ titled ‘Walking A Fine Line‘. I extended the courtesy of calling Julie to tell her that while I respect our friendship, I disagree with her assessment of the statement that Rockland County Republican Chairman, Lawrence Garvey released last month regarding the Hasidic community. Fortunately for all of us, we live in a country that allows for respectful political discourse without resorting to venomous feelings about those with whom we disagree. Julie and I will continue to be good friends after this discussion of her article; of that I am confident.

I happen to agree with Julie’s assessment that the political climate’s ‘anger gauge‘ has been creeping up over the last several years, but I am in disagreement about what the primary causes are.

Let me review Mr. Garvey’s public comment and then do some personal analysis:

Lawrence Garvey

Lawrence Garvey

“The ultra orthodox Hasidic community’s abusive treatment of women is epic. In that community, women must separate themselves from men, must dress as they are told, are forced into arranged marriages, can not divorce without the approval of their husbands and community leaders, they are not properly educated, can’t attend college, and can not use birth control, yet, the Rockland County Democratic Committee says nothing: absolute silence. Why? Because the people in that community vote in a bloc and the leaders of the Rockland County Democratic Party want their votes. Please!!!!! Total hypocrisy!!!!!”– Lawrence Garvey, Chairman of Rockland County GOP

In the interest of disclosure, it should be known that both Ms. Globus and Mr. Garvey are attorneys. From what I understand, they are both very successful in the respective fields of law that they practice. That being said, I am very confident that if Ms. Globus were to ‘object‘ to Mr. Garvey’s comments in a court room, every judge would overrule her objection. The reason is simple: In my opinion, everything that Mr. Garvey stated is true!

I do understand and have empathy with Ms. Globus if she feels that the criticism by Mr. Garvey seems personalized towards members of the Jewish religion at large. However, as I’ve stated hundreds of times, this is a political struggle that will have deep and irreversible consequences for the permanent future of Rockland County if political atrocities are permitted to continue unchallenged.

With that being said, we must all continue to be supportive and stand in solidarity with our Jewish friends and neighbors. At no point can it ever be tolerated to have members of our community targeted because of their religious beliefs. The swastika tree vandalism at Buckley Farms can never be deemed acceptable or normal. It is sad and pathetic that we live among people who would reproduce the symbol of Adolf Hilter’s Nazi regime that slaughtered millions for ethnic cleansing. At least we can all rejoice in how Hitler met his final moments on Earth.

It is my hope that the persons who painted those symbols are apprehended and prosecuted. However, I am not prepared to allow the actions of a few idiots to become a political sledgehammer to marginalize all of the nonsense that has occurred in Rockland over the last ten years. We have true problems that would make the news show ‘60 Minutes‘ confused and bewildered.

The very core of this problem was perfectly outlined by Lawrence Garvey in his short statement above.  The Rockland Democratic Party’s (RDC) leadership has allowed these political atrocities to occur under their banner. The local Rockland County and Clarkstown voters are striking back at every local election. The RDC are truly the ones that are in a malaise trying to figure out how to recover what they once had. These are irrefutable statements based on empirical data: in Rockland County, the para-political Hasidic fundamentalist group votes exclusively on the Democratic line! They use their massive bloc vote to try to ensure that the majority Democratic Party is held accountable and enslaved by them on the day after Election Day. This scheme has been exposed and now there is a mad scramble by the RDC to regroup and recover some of their thousands of former faithful Democratic voters.

It’s up to you, the engaged Rockland voter to determine if you are willing to comply.

Councilwoman Hausner

Councilwoman Hausner

It is my belief that the ‘Not in Our Town‘ meeting sponsored by Clarkstown Democratic Committee Chairperson, Stephanie Hausner, was the first such attempt to recoup some of the voters that they have lost and betrayed. I, along with Ms. Globus attended that meeting. While I agree with Julie, that it is good to take meaningful action against REAL bigotry, I unfortunately felt that I was sitting in the middle of something with a deep political agenda. As Julie stated, the meeting’s notice was limited to the Rockland County Democratic Party FaceBook page. Why was that? Did the organizers only want committed Democrats to be more concerned about further incidences of REAL anti-Semitism?

I, along with the Facebook page ‘Clarkstown: What The Don’t Want You To Know‘ which I have asked to post my comments on their page, have been personally and publicly accused of anti-Semitism by the Ramapo Bloc legislators, particularly Legislator Aron Wieder, during meetings of the Rockland County Legislature. Given those facts I thought the ‘Not In Our Town‘ meeting would be a good opportunity to get other people’s perspectives about the happenings within Rockland County. Unfortunately, the comments seemed to focus exclusively on the evils of social media and there were at least four references to President Trump.

I specifically asked for additional examples of why there is a perceived “rise in hate” in Clarkstown/Rockland; I was provided with none. The concerns that I heard seemed to be related to a rise in anxiety amongst people of the Jewish faith. As I’ve stated above, that feeling is definitely worth further discussion but it needs to be a discussion targeted with coming up with a clear definition of what is causing this rise in hate and then practical solutions can be articulated.

NotinourtownMy proposal is to continually remind our Jewish friends that Mr. Garvey’s statement, and others that have come before, are merely meant to serve as a political message not a religious one. It is my belief that the vast majority of Rockland residents do not care who or what deity others choose to worship. It is a confirmed fact that America was founded on and made great by Judeo/Christian values and tenets. No rational Jewish person in Rockland should ever feel anxiety and shame because they follow the Jewish faith. If one ascribes to that mindset, they are falling perfectly into the trap that Legislator Aron Wieder and his fundamentalist cohorts have set and sprung so well to silence criticism of their para-political community’s actions. Wieder and his ilk will continue to win and mainstream Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Secularists will be the losers stuck with the bill.

We are very fortunate to have Ed Day as our County Executive. Prior to his stewardship, Rockland County’s finances were being run as a quasi-Ponzi scheme by the shameless Ramapo Bloc Democrats. Citizen activism has taken this county back from the claws of fundamentalist destruction. All faiths, races and ethnicities must continue to stay together in order to Preserve Rockland. The financial tax base and suburban landscape of Ramapo continues to be raped beyond repair. The surrounding towns must join together to ensure that gross political atrocities like that which has befallen Ramapo do not befall the rest of Rockland County.

Legislator Wieder

Legislator Wieder

The days of Legislator Aron Wieder claiming himself to be a victim of Jewish religious persecution are over! He needs to be called out by everyone for the political fraud that I believe he is in presenting a sect of fundamentalist Judaism as representing the only true face of Judaism.

What I believe is his deceitfulness has inspired me to take a serious look into running for a seat on the Clarkstown Town Board. Should I decide to run, my campaign motto will be based on my belief in the clear and simple principle: “Equal Treatment for All, Special Treatment for None!”.  I trust that Julie will honor me with the privilege of being a goodwill representative of all faith communities and whenever I may need guidance on how to extend myself with love and respect for members of her faith that she will offer me her sage advice.

The only thing worse than an accusation of anti-Semitism is a false accusation of anti-Semitism.

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