The Clarkstown Democratic Party – Has It Lost Its Way?

Sandra Siegel & Stephanie Hausner

Sandra Siegel & Stephanie Hausner

Why I Resigned From the Clarkstown Democratic Executive Committee

Sandra Siegel,
Former Recording Secretary
Clarkstown Democratic Executive Committee

I would like to announce publicly that I have resigned from my position on the Clarkstown Democratic Executive Committee, where I have served as the Recording Secretary. I am resigning that position of my own accord due to what I feel is lack of leadership and guidance for Clarkstown’s general committee, the candidates, and the Party’s registered members.

I am writing this public letter detailing my reasons for resigning to the Rockland Voice because it is my belief that there are many other members of the Democratic Party who share my frustration with the current leadership, but have been waiting for someone else to take that first step forward in expressing it. It is my hope that by making my views public, those disillusioned members who have stayed silent to date will be encouraged to voice their own views and that the Party leadership will begin to listen.

Legislator Carey

Legislator Carey

It is my strong belief that the Clarkstown Democratic Party has been heading in the wrong direction for the entire duration of the current leadership, and that the Party is losing sight of the principles and ideals which I sought to help advance by serving on the Executive Committee.

The Party leadership, of which I worked as a part in the past, fostered mutual respect and team work. We held executive meetings and discussed strategies; then presented everything to the general committee members. I do not see that happening now. What I see is that there are certain people only that are part of the inside circle, whether on the Executive Committee or not, who are in the loop as to what is going on in the Party.

In regard to the overall direction of the Party, the results of the last elections speak for themselves. Despite the losses, resulting in no small part from the way the Party is run, the Chairperson continues to isolate the inner circle from the rest of the Party. I feel that this committee is in need of a major overhaul as it is not being run in the best interests of the Party members that it is supposed to represent or in the interest of the Party’s candidates.

Over the years, I worked very hard in campaigning and in other aspects for the Committee. Last year, I was unable to do as much due to a physical injury. In retrospect, I am glad my participation in the last election was limited because I found the full-out smear campaign carried out by the Party to be nothing short of unconscionable. When my objections to these tactics fell on deaf ears, it made me realize that I had no real influence over this and other matters as well.

Thomas Ninan

Thomas Ninan

In my view, I feel the Chairwoman failed the Party tremendously in the last election through the lack of recruitment of new and principled candidates. The Chairwoman specifically failed my legislative district and, in my view, handed the election to Republican Christopher Carey; there was no discussion regarding running Thomas Ninan as Carey’s opponent. In hindsight, I can imagine why anyone wouldn’t want an open discussion on his candidacy as that discussion clearly would not have produced positive feedback. Ninan should never have received the support of the Clarkstown Democratic Committee, and I am horrified to this day that this unscrupulous individual was endorsed to run in my district under the banner of the Clarkstown Democratic Party. Once again, I was powerless to stop a decision to which I was vehemently opposed, and I was never even given the opportunity to express that opposition in the first place.

Since I am unable to change that by which I cannot abide, I will not continue to be complicit in it.

I will remain a general committee member at this time in the hope that others may step up alongside me and work toward change, but I will not participate any further in a sham role as a leader of a Party that has lost its way.

Sandra Siegel
Former Recording Secretary Clarkstown Democratic Executive Committee

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