Sparaco’s “Ignorance” and County Executive Day’s “Stupidity”


County Executive Edward Day
Proposed ‘Term Limits’ and a ‘No Two-Hat’ Rule
AWARDED BY: The Rockland County Legislature
DATE: July 01, 2014

The candidate for Ed Day’s former seat in the Legislature and a supporter of County Executive Day’s position on Term Limits and the No Two-Hat Rule, Lon Hofstein, addressed the County Legislature on July 01, 2014 in a speech asking the legislators to allow the voters to consider if they wished to have ‘Term Limits’ and a ‘Two-hat Rule’ or not.

In Hofstein’s remarks he said:

News headlines continuously lead with news of government officials involved in behavior that can be considered questionable and at times criminal. There are some who were elected to serve the people yet in fact they seek office to serve themselves and to feed their hubris personality. People use the term corrupt to describe the manor in which governments operate and refer to politicians as self-centered and/or politics as usual.

These are the words of the people crying out for change.

Furthermore, I believe officials should dedicate their efforts to the position they were elected to serve and not have employment in any other branch of government during their term of office. I am suggesting that legislation be presented and passed forbidding any elected County Official from seeking or accepting another government position while serving the people in the office they were elected.

Both of these items have been implemented in the County of Westchester but neither apparently will be put to the voters in November for their approval. Instead the voters will be asked to approve some ‘housekeeping changes’ in the County Charter.

Later in the evening Hofstein’s remarks were followed by a meandering screed by Legislator Frank Sparaco who appeared clearly stung by criticism of his new appointment earlier in the day by Clarkstown to a new Two-hat job in the Highway Department headed by Wayne Ballard.

A couple of weeks ago Sparaco’s former ‘two-hat’ job had been eliminated by the unanimous vote of the Clarkstown Town Board and he had resigned in disgrace from the Republican Party’s leadership committee having been accused of sending out anonymous emails attacking Lon Hofstein, Legislator Cris Carey, and Clarkstown Town Councilman, George Hoehmann.

Earlier in the day Sparaco had taken up his new job in the Clarkstown’s Highway Department at a higher salary after having filed notice of his intention to sue Clarkstown for eliminating his former $75,000 five hour per day part-time job and saying on his own surreptitious recording that he knew nothing about the job:

What is it? Nancy’s job? Is that it? Larry said I could keep my job which kind of appealed to me also. He told her that he was thinking of keeping her (Nancy Willen). I’m not doing all the fu****g’ work there … you think I am fu****g going to go in there and do .. we need to discuss that right now … This woman (Willen) works her ‘mother-fu****g’ ass off… He doesn’t know how to run the place…and neither do I.  I would give her a fu****g raise and make her run the whole place.”

Here are Sparaco’s rambling remarks to the Legislature on County Executive Day’s proposals …..

I don’t exactly recall but over a year ago when I was minority leader or deputy minority leader we had this discussion and although it didn’t come to an actual vote, but I believe this was when Ed (County Executive Ed Day) first presented Term Limits and at the time I moved into the leadership nobody seconded.  John who is against term limits and he’s been here for 40 years and I respect him for his opinion. So it has come up more than once actually or definitely we discussed it if it didn’t come to a vote.

As far term limits go when I first ran for office I was in favor of term limits. At the time in my ignorance what I didn’t realize is that term limits aren’t going to do anything. You are going to replace one Democrat with another. These are Democratic districts and you see all of these Republicans screaming for term limits because (laughing) they think they are going to get elected?

You gottta improve your message, you gotta go out to the people, you gotta work hard. Then, maybe, you will beat some of these guys but otherwise they are just going to replace one Democrat with another and its not going to accomplish anything.

But I AM a representative of the people – my constituents want term limits – alright – they don’t want me to break the property tax cap which I was the only Republican three years in a row to never do. Over and over again these things that my constituents want.

But the truth of the matter is for the past 7 or 6 years I’ve been sitting up here you evolve, you change from 30 years old to 37 years old. Joseph Coe! (leader of young Democrats who had just addressed the legislature opposing term limits) What a great point he made! He should be allowed to vote for someone he wants to – he shouldn’t be limited – he’s got a good point.

Term limits? There’s a lot of good points for those also. If it came to a vote I would vote for term limits. It’s got nothin’ to do with me personally – you know me sitting up here – you know it’s not some …eh … holiday to tell you the truth. But, I mean, I would vote for term limits because that is what my constituents want but, eh, I really don’t think it would accomplish anything at all.

Oh! …. and as far as the ‘Two-hats’ Law – let me just address that as somebody that works for the Town (of Clarkstown).  I would never have supported that even if I didn’t work for the Town. That is the most unthought (sic) out thing I ever heard anybody propose – it borderlines (sic) on stupidity. What I’m hearing on the radio is that anybody who gets taxpayers money can’t run for office.

What about our cops’ pensions? Isn’t that taxpayer money?  What about firemen and garbagemen and teachers and Gerry Bierker – (referring here to the former legislator from Bardonia whose seat is now occupied by Legislator Carey) – he was a teacher for 30 years or whatever and he was also a legislator. What is it?  No not them, just highway guys, right? Just guys (scarcastically) who work for the highway department? Just them? Cops, firemen, (laughing) all the other government guys – they can run for office?

If you want to beat me go out into the street and ring some doorbells and tell them you could do a better job. It’s not that hard! (sarcastically). You don’t have to change the charter for that!

I want to thank Jay Hood and Alden Wolfe for all of their hard work on this and I will be voting ‘yes’ (on the housekeeping changes).

Legislator Murphy who was sitting beside Sparaco claimed on WRCR that there were people on the payroll that the County doesn’t need.  He went on to say: “Do I approve of it? No. Have I tried in the past to have some of those jobs eliminated? Yes. But politics is politics and many people who are on the payroll are there because they are being politically rewarded. That is reality from the Federal level, the State level, the County level, the Town level; maybe not at the Village level. But, yes, there are people on the payroll WE DON”T NEED (Murphy’s emphasis).

You have to get a majority of the legislature to eliminate those jobs and I have never seen it happen.  

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Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

About the Author
Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

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