OVER THE EDGE? – Orangetown’s Brouhaha Over A Vent Pipe



Letter to the Editor of Rockland Voice
From: James J Flynn, Nanuet, NY


John J Tormey III through his relentless unfounded tirades in print and over the internet appears to have succeeded in scaring some residents half to death over fear they are about to be poisoned. This may have resulted in one individual being driven to contemplate terrorist activity. Representations of the facts and allegations of corruption appear to have helped push at least one individual over the edge.

During the past few weeks Mr Tormey has led a scorched earth, take no prisoners attack on Anellotech. This Eco-friendly Green Company dared to request approval to expand their Corporate Headquarters and Research and Development Center located at the Pfizer site in Pearl River NY. The trigger to this outrage was the fact that the Anellotech building extension will have a vent pipe – an item required by building code for just about every building constructed in America. Mr Tormey probably has two or three in his own house.

Now to give John and the Stop Anellotech group their due respect, Anellotech is attempting to convert Biomass to chemical stock BTX, Benzene Toluene and Xylene all of which are hazardous chemicals. Questions needed to be asked and they were. The test manufacturing is minimal, the amount of these chemicals that could be created in a 24 hour period is only enough to fill a car’s gas tank.  The chemicals are being captured and the emissions are minimal and fully within regulatory guidelines. The maximum amount of these chemicals that could be stored on site is less than the amount on the shelves of most paint and home improvement stores.

Yes chemicals are being extracted from Biomass, as Tormey has documented, and the maximum amount if the plant ran 24/7 365 days a year as admitted by Tormey is 8,000 gallons. That means the site’s maximum production is 22 gallons a day which would be worth $44 at the wholesale price of $2 a gallon. With labor and material costs of a minimum $2,000 a day even Tormey has to admit that production will not be high.

The DEC report confirmed these facts.  Mr Tormey and ‘Stop Anellotech’ were not satisfied with one report and demanded another independent report.  The town came up with two companies and Anellotech agreed to fund both reports to put the matter to bed once and for all. When these reports were released and were found to agree with each other, it appears to have pushed Mr Tormey over the edge. Not content with attacking elected and appointed officials of the local governments along with many of the employees of Anellotech, he has now crossed another line with attacks that put at risk family members as he continues what I believe are irresponsible and defamatory allegations.

Some of the latest diatribes have Congresswoman Nita Lowey being bought by a $5,000 contribution from a Political Action Committee for which the wife of Anellotech’s President works. One must question why Mr. Tormey decided to use the middle name of the President’s wife so many times?  Was it because that name identifies her as Jewish?  If so then dragging family members and their religious beliefs into the battle would be beneath contempt.

Tormey has now decided to take aim at Orangetown Councilman Denis Troy.  In response to Mr. Troy’s defense and support of various town employees, Tormey has called for President Barack Obama and County Legislator Aron Wieder to get involved in his brawl. The following quote was extracted from Mr. Tormey’s letter to Wieder:

“Please know that I have contacted appropriate federal authorities to respectfully request that Denis Troy and the Town Board of the Town of Orangetown, New York be investigated for discriminatory land use actions and policy in violation of, inter alia, Title VII Of The Civil Rights Act Of 1964, and the Religious Land Use And Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA):”

In my view Tormey’s deliberate misrepresentations of the facts and vicious attacks on all involved are causing damage to Orangetown, its taxpayers and its businessess. Many people in the Town and County have worked tirelessly to attract new firms to the mostly vacant Orangetown site.  In former times, this site generated over $30 million dollars in tax revenue for Orangetown and for the Nanuet School District but now that tax revenue amounts only to about $18 million. Time has now run out on the last Tax Certiorari agreement with Pfizer which means more reductions in tax revenue are looming on the horizon as Pfizer demolishes buildings with about 1 million sq ft of taxable space.  The Town expects that Pfizer will seek to have an additional reduction of $5-9 million on their current tax bill.  Note that the taxes on 200 acres of rented R&D buildings is about $18 million dollars while on 200 acres of vacant land it is $100 thousand dollars.  Who will make up this difference?  Orangetown’s taxpayers.

I do not understand Mr Tormey’s motivation for these destructive statements and actions.  As I also do not understand the ‘Stop Anellotech’ members and others who support his misguided efforts. His current path appears to be one of personal and professional destruction.

Jim Flynn

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  • James Wilcox

    Jim Flynn clearly did not write this. I have heard him speak at meetings . He might have signed his name to it but he did write it . Benzene is poison and we dont need it manufactured in our town . I hope Orangetown doesnt sell us out.

  • Charles Clewsow

    So is Carbon Dioxide poison…we breathe it out. . Stop the scare tactics and personal attacks, Mr Wilcox.