Orangetown: ‘PLAYING FOR KEEPS!’


To:  Editor Rockland Voice
From: Peter Bradley
Subject: Orangetown is PLAYING FOR KEEPS!

Dear Citizens of Orangetown:

Last Tuesday you guys heavily and decidedly laid down the gauntlet against the prospect of bloc-controlled politicians being your elected representatives. Your Democratic Primary vote totals are eye-popping in the Ellen Jaffee/Tom Gulla Primary for NYS Assembly. In short, you voted for Ms. Jaffee at a 96.9% clip (2,897 votes) vs. a paltry 3.1% clip (92 votes) for Mr. Gulla. I will break down the vote totals by Election Districts shortly, but I first want to explain how I feel you made your decisions regarding this race.

Preserve Ramapo‘ was founded approximately thirteen years ago and out of that movement grew ‘Preserve Rockland‘ and the ‘Preserve Clarkstown‘ and ‘Preserve Orangetown‘ movements.

The cornerstone platform of the ‘Preserve‘ movement is simple- we want and demand fair and equal representation for all residents of Rockland. Sadly, we have seen many gross and unjust practices that have solely benefited the para-political Hasidic community while simultaneously doing severe harm and damage to the mass public. The most grotesque example has been the unfettered and unapologetic looting of the mostly Black and Latino East Ramapo School District. The ‘Preserve‘ movement aims to be a counterweight to these unfair and often illegal practices.

Ellen Jaffee

Ellen Jaffee

The importance of the ‘Preserve Rockland‘ structure cannot be overstated. We are fortunate in being the beneficiary’s of much political “insider” information. We had known that Mr. Gulla was a bloc-supported candidate when he ran for Mayor of Airmont in 2015. We had also known that Ellen Jaffe had been a stern and faithful advocate for the ERSD children. This information coupled with the fact that the bloc community was feverishly registering hundreds of new and never-before registered Democratic voters in Ms. Jaffee’s Assembly district made our decision of endorsement very simple. Then, more information starting coming in. Someone sent the Facebook page: ‘Clarkstown-What They Don’t Want You To Know’ all of Mr. Gulla’s nominating petitions. Almost 100% of his signatures came from the bloc community. This had effectively proven who Mr. Gulla would be solely working for in the event that he won his election.

Thomas Gulla

Thomas Gulla

Rockland Voice’, an online newspaper, published an exceptional article by Jeff Gillies (Of Primary Importance) on September 9th detailing Mr. Gulla’s petition process. The article went viral as it was ‘shared’ all over Rockland. ‘Preserve Orangetown‘ also posted the article on their page and the secret was out for everyone to see. Then you, the Orangetown voters took care of business on September 13th. You should all be beyond thrilled with your execution. As you can see below, the bloc community came out raging against Ms. Jaffee. They were so sure that they would be able to finish her off. In the past, this is how it was done. The bloc-community would come out en-masse for a primary and everyone else would stay home. With the advent of social media, this scheme has now become almost impossible to pull off.

The chart below has the vote totals broken down by Election Districts. Briefly, there are many Election Districts in every town in NYS and the polling places are designed to accommodate several Election Districts on Election Day. Check out these massive vote totals in Orangetown’s Election Districts below:


Isn’t it beyond impressive how Orangetown stormed out of the gates? Elected officials and political wannabes should really take notice! The days of pacifying one special interest group to the absolute exclusion of others is coming to a screeching halt in Rockland County!

Of more importance, please indulge me by viewing the Ramapo Election Districts numbered 25, 26, 55, 58 and 84. These are the ONLY Election Districts that bloc-candidate Gulla won on Tuesday. Let me summarize:

Election District/(Name)/ Votes for Gulla/Votes for Jaffee

26/Spring Valley/140/55
55/New Square/741/2
58/New Square/481/0

Total in these bloc districts: Gulla-2,527, Jaffee-99

In the past, this was the guaranteed formula for election success; pacify this special-interest bloc-group and then you were guaranteed to win the election. The common folk were considered too stupid to know that this scheme was even going on!

That mold was smashed during Ed Day’s County Executive win. The bloc sent out their usual smear mailers demonizing Day; they voted in true bloc fashion against him on election day. It didn’t matter …. the people rose up and said “ENOUGH” much like you Orangetown folks did last Tuesday.

Well struck Orangetown!  Do you have any more gas in the tank?

Tuesday November 8th is Election Day. ‘Preserve Orangetown‘ in conjunction with ‘Preserve Rockland‘ will be offering for your support and your votes a spectacular slate of candidates. These candidates will all be advocating for ‘Equal Treatment for All and Special Treatment for None’.  All Rocklanders, must come together and turn this into a reality.

Please stay heavily engaged in these local affairs by following ‘Preserve Orangetown’s FaceBook page. After doing what you just did on Tuesday, you should be heavily motivated to keep up the pace and possibly even improve?

In the upcoming weeks, ‘Preserve Orangetown‘ will be providing you with the aforementioned slate of candidates and which line to vote for them on. You will even receive a sample ballot leading up to the election. It’s imperative to vote along with ‘Preserve Orangetown‘ and ‘Preserve Rockland‘ in order to continue sending a message to those in power locally and in Albany.

The message is this: If you don’t work for everyone, you can be replaced for someone that will.

Pour a tall glass and toast a job well done Orangetown. You deserve it!

In solidarity,
Pete Bradley
Preserve Clarkstown/Preserve Rockland

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