Open Letter to Rockland Republicans From Jeanine Vecchiarelli


Much has been made lately of disloyalty instances resulting in hearings within the Republican Party ranks. Indeed, I have been summoned to appear before the Clarkstown GOP’s executive committee to answer such charges myself. The more times we hear about this activity the more thought I am giving to the whole exercise.

Here is my take:

A political party that holds and acts with an unwavering focus on the best interests of the county/state/nation first, party second; one that properly screens and fully supports runs by credible candidates who carry the badge of integrity and the principles of that party, is an institution that need not resort to demanding that its committee members “check their First Amendment protections at the door” when they become part of that committee. Demanding that committee members “zip their lips” and tolerate behavior that is detrimental to both the party and our electoral system at large serves no purpose apart from the destruction of the credibility of that political institution.

I am known widely as the person with the “poison pen” because I call out miscreants and misdeeds that harm our locality and our nation wherever I see them. In truth, I take no joy in carrying such a reputation; nor do I like having to expose bad people doing harm to our home counties, states and our beloved country. I do so because I feel it is my duty to inform, so that those who were unaware of the reasons they are suffering may understand and come to make properly informed choices going forward.

I am very active with traditional conservative groups such as the Latino National Republican Coalition of Rockland County. We members are united in our mission to save both our party and our nation. Because every member carries a selfless love for our home, and untarnished integrity as evidenced by his/her tireless activity in our mutual quest to achieve this end, I would never think of turning my “poison pen” against any one of them. Furthermore, I doubt I would be out of line if I add the same goes for every other member. Hence, there is no need to implement any rule suppressing our ability to write and speak truth to power – especially one that flies in the face of our First Amendment protections.

With this in mind, my inevitable conclusion is that the only folks who fear me are the ones who have something to hide. You may agree or disagree; from my viewpoint it is what it is.

About Jeanine Vecchiarelli

Jeanine Vecchiarelli writes news, opinion and commentary for The Rockland Voice and The Independent Sentinel.

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Jeanine Vecchiarelli writes news, opinion and commentary for The Rockland Voice and The Independent Sentinel.

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