Nothing Can Be Further From The Truth

To: Editor Rockland Voice
From: Thomas Gulla – Candidate for New York State Assembly 97th District
Re: Editorial ‘Of Primary Importance To Preserving Orangetown And Ramapo

I read Mr. Gillies’ editorial ‘Of Primary Importance To Preserving Orangetown And Ramapo‘ with interest and I would like to take this opportunity to correct his unsubstantiated mischaracterization of my record, my character, my positions and the reasons I am running for office to represent my neighbors in Albany from District 97.  Mr. Gillies’ ridiculous and insulting conclusion is that because 100% of the signatures on my petitions came from within the Town of Ramapo, my hometown, therefore I must be bloc-owned and have no mind of my own.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

It takes guts, strength, dedication and enthusiasm to take on an entrenched politician, who is used to getting the support of the entire Democrat Party unopposed. Are we better off now, than we were 10 years ago? Has our quality of life and our school systems improved? Has the rampant overdevelopment of our neighborhoods stopped since she started representing us in 2006?

I am a strong supporter of term limits; my opponent is opposed to term limits. Lengthy terms lead to feelings of entitlement and corruption. If elected, I will also vote for the bill to prevent an election commissioner from double dipping and being our party’s chair. My opponent opposes such legislation.

If elected I will propose legislation to institute ward voting for towns statewide to prevent special interest groups from taking over any particular town. As far as being Bloc Owned, I never met with any person from the Block, but my opponent personally told me that she was trying for months to meet with the mayor of New Square and he would not return her calls. I never met him and don’t know him.

In my capacity as an Airmont planning board member, I have been blocking over-development in Airmont for over 15 years, while rampant overdevelopment has progressed in other parts of Ramapo under Ellen’s watch. I will be a powerful and vocal opponent to those who seek to change our suburban atmosphere by being a dynamic leader preserving and protecting our quality of life.

I’ve dedicated my life to teaching in the public high schools in this area for over 30 years. I know the children and the school system. I will be a new and potent force in Albany to bring needed resources for our children and improve the infrastructure of our schools. I will not take money from public schools for any reason. My parents, my children, and myself are all part of the public school system.

Mr. Gillies, speaking of “being owned.” Isn’t it curious that my opponent’s phone banks are located at the Goldstein family’s Arco Management Inc. aka Multi Family Management in Suffern? Those are the same builders who are trying to build 92 units in downtown Suffern without paying a school tax bill? The same ones who have bilked HUD for millions of dollars in Spring Valley? Mr. Gillies may draw his own conclusions from that piece of information.

My opponent’s campaign is being run out of Brooklyn by an expensive political consulting firm, Branford Communications, run by Ernest Lendler, which made headlines by being tied to the political scandal for buying judgeships in Brooklyn. My campaign is run out of my home in Airmont by me without one dollar spent thus far!

My opponent has spent $18,965 on 6 glossy mailers and an army of petition signature collectors. My reform-minded campaign hasn’t spent even one buck. My opponent has no problem accepting large donations from a convicted felon like Paul Adler.

I will stand up in Albany and move powerfully and vigorously forward to bring about real and effective change. Please remember to vote for real change and reform for Rockland. Vote Thomas Gulla for New York State Assembly. I look forward to serving the residents of the 97th district.

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