Irresponsible And Spiteful Behavior From The Highest Levels of The Democratic Party

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To: Editor Rockland Voice
From: Hector May
October 30, 2015

Dear Editor:

Rockland County has experienced political events over the last fourteen days, which have escalated to distasteful and disgraceful behavior by several supposedly “adult” Rockland County individuals. The disdain I hold for these behaviors forces me to voice in this letter the uneasiness in my conscience about what is now affecting the moral codes and the personal ethics of several candidates in the current Rockland County election campaign.

There is a roar of untamed, lewd, atrocious allegations, and disgraceful character assassinations of some quality, honest, ethical and moral candidates seeking public office.  The flood of inaccurate statements about good decent citizens seeking public office has greatly affected my faith in both several Rockland County elected officials and in certain of the candidates participating in the current election. Several public officials have destroyed my expectations in the future of our political process in local elections. I now question if all that I have hoped for from participating for many years in the political process in Clarkstown and in Rockland County to benefit the average citizen of Rockland County is to come to naught because of shabby people, with shabby consultants treating the voters of Rockland, and particularly Clarkstown, as unintelligent individuals to be manipulated by their shabby mailings to save their own shabby political hides.

I have been a resident of Rockland County since 1970. I have built a multi-million dollar financial advisory business, maintained office space, bought my first home, and educated both my children and a granddaughter in Rockland County.  My Mexican and Venezuelan heritage gave me gifts of humility, compassion, devotion to the service of others, determination to succeed and a sense that the worth of a person is measured by their integrity. Encircling all these personal characteristics from my home experiences, I was provided an excellent New York City Public Education which permitted me to pursue higher education with City College where I continued my post graduate studies that led to my attainment of the highest professional designations in the financial business industry.

Once, I had met my academic requirements and had established my household and business in Rockland County, I knew it was time to give back opportunity to others and to provide financial resources to assist my community. In 1998 I began a long career of personal service in many philanthropic areas. My first community effort began with an article in the Journal News which was seeking out residents to contribute economic support for medication of a cancer patient. My wife and I felt drawn to this need and we decided to pay for the cost of the patient’s medication for approximately seventeen months. Since, that initial cause I have served some of the largest missions and organizations that provide growth and opportunity for all cultures, backgrounds and economic levels of Rockland County. Those community efforts inspired me to reach out further and I began offering my business disciplines in the support of political candidates in Rockland whom I felt shared my values of service, core principles, and who had high ethical values. I have supported candidates such as the late Senator Thomas Morahan.

All of my time, dedication, and endorsements for many candidates was given freely for the greater good of the community and for all of the residents of this county. I asked for nothing in return and accepted nothing in return except the pleasure of knowing I had helped in small way to give a moral politician the hand of political friendship.

Councilman Hoehmann

Councilman Hoehmann

Given the above I am forced to do what I have never done before and denounce those individuals who have lost their moral compass in attempting to destroy the reputations of two good, kind, honest and moral individuals who are seeking to serve in Rockland County.  I speak of George Hoehmann who is seeking the office of Supervisor of Clarkstown and Richard Vasquez who is seeking the office of Rockland County Sheriff.  Hoehmann has served disadvantaged persons through years of service in ‘not-for-profit’ agencies and Vasquez received  the New York City Police Department’s second highest honor, the ‘Combat Cross’, for extraordinary heroism.

VasquezGeorge Hoehmann and Richard Vasquez have been bombarded with deplorable verbal statements, which have sought to discredit their reputations, invaded their personal lives, and compromised their professional credentials. This irresponsible and spiteful behavior, which continues and is unrelenting, has come from the highest levels of the Democratic Party and the consulting group – whose motto is “Here Creativity Wins” – run by the husband of the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party, Kristen Stavisky,

This deplorable election process could have been one in which the facts and issues were discussed and debated and an informed electorate could then have gone to the polls having received information for their guidance. Instead the voters heard immature character assassination, slander, and false statements such as that Hoehmann had “padded his resume” and Vasquez had a “domestic violence” situation.  Both were slanderous false allegations.

Individuals who are in an elected public position and/or a candidate for an elected public position should exemplify dignity, maturity, and selflessness. That has not been the case that the supporters of Supervisor Gromack and Sheriff Falco have offered the citizenry. Their desperate attempts to discredit Hoehmann and Vasquez for their own personal gain is frightful, and truly represents a flaw in their characters that they have gone to the lowest depths of political depravity.

It is a sad day when one needs to say that many in Rockland County need to reflect upon the fact that they are running for a public position of service and not for a job to enrich themselves and their friends while destroying the reputations of people who are better than they.

Hector A. May, CLU, ChFc, CFP®

[Editor’s Note: Hector A. May is President of Executive Compensation Planners, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor and financial planning firm located in New City, New York.  The firm specializes in the custom design and implementation of tax-qualified plans, executive compensation programs, financial, tax and estate planning.  As such, Mr. May has worked with attorneys, CPAs, stock brokerage firms and insurance professionals as a consultant in these areas for the last 30 years.

Mr. May received his Bachelor of Accounting degree from the City University of New York and did his graduate work at PACE University.  Hector received his Certified Pension Actuary Designation in 1984, while on the Actuarial Staff of the Equitable Life Assurance Society.  He is a member of the Association of Certified Financial Planners and has addressed many business and professional groups, including CPA firms, law firms, stock brokerage firms, and the like, throughout the United States. He has been involved in implementing the above referenced programs over the last 40 years, having begun his own firm 30 years ago. 

Hector is married and has two children and three grandchildren.  His daughter, Vania, enjoys a working relationship with him as an associate in his firm. Hector serves as the campaign manager for Vasquez.]

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