EXCLUSIVE: The ‘Sparaco’ Tapes – “I’m Telling You This As A Friend”

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[WARNING: This article quotes strong and offensive language and is linked to audio files which contain explicit language.]

Machiavelli once remarked that “politics have no relation to morals”. It would appear that this observation has stood the test of time. In Rockland County politics are practiced by some in a morality-free zone.

Watch this surprising video released by members of the GOP

In the winter of 2013 Frank Sparaco made surreptitious undercover recordings of several of his colleagues with whom he worked on political matters in the Town of Clarkstown. He released about 30 minutes of heavily edited material in a press conference attended by his “mentor”, the voice-elected “Chairman” of the Rockland County Republican Party, Vinnie Reda.

These recordings were not made by people who were trying to trap Legislator Sparaco but were made by Sparaco himself while trying to trap others. Few have heard the tapes from which the edited versions were extracted but recently Rockland Voice was given access to these unedited materials.

What the unedited tapes prove is that while Sparaco claims to be a Conservative Republican he has acted against Republican candidates. That was a claim made repeatedly by Ralph Sabatini the last Republican to run against Supervisor Gromack who said that he was offered a patronage job by Vinnie Reda if he would not run against Democrat Gromack and that when he did so both Sparaco and Reda metaphorically stabbed him in the back.

That allegation has now been conclusively proven. Prior to the election of County Executive Ed Day last November, Sparaco angrily upbraided another Republican advising him that he should support New Square Democrat Ilan Schoenberger’s campaign to become County Executive in order that Richard Brega’s (Brega Transport) $80 million contract with Rockland County would be guaranteed.

Sparaco is said to be close friends with the Brega family and several Brega family members are running as supporters of his to become committee persons in the Republican Party in the Primary Election to be held on September 9th.  Two associates of Brega’s company were also nominated to be Sparaco-supported committeemen and listed their voting address as being at Brega’s Corporate Headquarters, ‘Apartment A’ and ‘Apartment B’. It has been confirmed to Rockland Voice that this matter and other aspects of the petitions collected by Sparaco and Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard were brought in a complaint to the Rockland County District Attorney and the F.B.I.

In numerous sections of his unedited tapes Sparaco expresses a lot of concern that Legislator Ilan Schoenberger needed help to be elected as County Executive. When Schoenberger was primaried by David Fried (who subsequently won and became Day’s opponent in the November 2013 election) Sparaco was concerned that Democrat Dennis Malone’s race against Wayne Ballard was a problem and discussed his concern with an elected official that Malone’s race to become Highway Superintendent was negatively impacting Democrat Schoenberger’s election chances. He opined that Irish Catholic Democrats who would come out to vote for (Irish) Malone would never vote for Schoenberger.  He expresses alarm that even the Democrats in his own district would not vote for Ilan.

Sparaco: The Democratic primary – the way out of the Democratic Primary is it hurts Ilan ……. When the Democrats in Congers and Valley Cottage and West Nyack are coming out to vote, they’re not voting for Ilan ….. Again, it goes down to an insignificant bulls**t Highway Superintendent. We’re costing the Democrats a county executive seat!   ……. there could be a couple thousand people that come out and vote against him! ….. If I’m him (Schoenberger) I don’t want to have another 2,000 people coming out because (Malone’s) pulling them out.

Later in a restaurant Sparaco again took up his concern about Schoenberger. He was again speaking about Fleet Manager, Democrat Dennis Malone, and asking an elected official why Supervisor Gromack should have to call him about the Highway race when Schoenberger should be his principal concern:

Sparaco: This is a whole long conversation. You’re missing steps of… Why are YOU involved? …. Why should YOU call him? … Why does he have to call YOU? …. Why does Alex (Gromack) have to call you if he is dealing with the guy (Dennis Malone) that works for him changing oil? … Who are YOU to get involved? …. Who are YOU to even give a s**t? …. YOU should be talking about Ilan and saving Richard Brega an $80 million contract. But instead you’re into this s**t (helping Dennis Malone in his campaign against Wayne Ballard). That’s weird! And I’m telling you that as a friend.

Hear the previously unreleased audio:

Sparaco’s personal dislike of County Executive Ed Day can be heard in the sarcasm which dripped from his lips when he recently voted to over-ride Day’s veto of the County Charter which did not contain term limits. Sparaco indicated that Republicans were people who hated Hasidics and later referred to County Executive Day as both a ‘king’ and a ‘god’.

Sparaco: A Republican is defined by whether or not you support term limits? When did that become an issue? When did THAT become something that makes you a Republican. Who hates the Hasidics more? You know THAT determines how good a Republican you are?   When we voted to sell the hospital, even his ‘Highness’ Ed Day voted against selling the hospital. Even though he is a ‘God’ right now he voted against selling the hospital.

Hear the previously unreleased audio:

No one it appears is immune to Sparaco’s rages including his mentors Vinnie Reda and Ed Lettre. According to one senior Republican Sparaco characterized Reda as beingold”,weakand needs to bereplaced”.  Sparaco and Reda are constantly seen together.  One wag remarked that to Reda Sparaco is in HIS company while to Sparaco Reda is in His presence.  Either way Sparaco publicly genuflects to the “old” and “weak” man while plotting to have him “replaced” behind his back.  Where Sparaco is concerned Reda is considered to be a “wimp” by leading Republicans who question if he is presently in control of the Rockland County Republican Party.  Suggestions that Reda go from the stage quietly while the Sparaco unpleasantries are still in Episode 1 have so far been ignored and so we will leave Mr. Reda to his reflections about our later episode of this soap opera and turn to the ‘out-of-towner’, “fast” Eddie Lettre.

Lettre appears to be a more troublesome individual as far as Sparaco is concerned than the weak and old Reda. In Clarkstown Lettre is regarded as the ‘smart guy’ while Sparaco is regarded as the ‘smart ass’.  You see in Clarkstown’s morality-free political zone Lettre can do things if he wants while Sparaco wants to do things but he can’t.

Lettre is a long-term friend of Supervisor Gromack and basically controls the Town of Clarkstown from behind the political curtains frequently from the comfort of his Florida retreat. He is the Head of the Conservative Party having been elected by holding his Party’s convention on the evening of Yom Kippur when his Jewish opponent and supporters were not present. Lettre can request that elected officials in both the Republican and Democratic Parties obey his summons and attend meetings that he convenes at whim leading people to speculate about who is in control of the Rockland County Democratic Party.

In these clips Sparaco is speaking with an attorney and later with an elected official. He rants about Lettre being back in town and was apparently trying to get Superintendent Wayne Ballard to drop a lawsuit against the Town because the Town’s garages were consolidated under Fleet Manager Malone for cost savings. Sparaco had tried “for six months” to get Ballard to drop the lawsuit to no avail and became upset when he heard that Lettre might have had more influence on Ballard after a single meeting than Sparaco had in numerous meetings. (Bob Milone who is mentioned in this clip heads the Working Families Party.)

Sparaco: So what if Dennis (Malone) does some negative mailing about me having a patronage job.   You could say the same f**kin’ thing about Ed Lettre and the Conservative Party line and everybody else.

Attorney: That’s true but no one wants that line dirtied out.

Later ….

Attorney: Look, the difference between you and Ed Lettre is Ed Lettre is smart enough not to be in the public eye.

Sparaco: He’s in the public eye – he’s the f**kin’ Clerk of the Works at $170,000 a year!

Attorney: Don’t you just go … What the f**k … he gets more money than Gromack. It’s a f**kin’ …. I tell people Gromack is the most underpaid person in this county today except maybe Howie Phillips who makes ninety …. He (Gromack) runs a multi-million dollar business (the Town of Clarkstown) …. He’s not even in the top fifty people paid in Clarkstown. He’s NOT in the TOP FIFTY!   That’s why your job is such bulls**t (Sparaco’s job then as a $75,000 Assistant). Do you think seventy-five thousand dollars makes a f**kin’ bit of difference to the Town of Clarkstown? It’s bull s**t.

Hear the audio clip:

Later speaking by phone with an elected official …..

Sparaco: I’m hearing that there is all sorts of s**t that Ed Lettre’s back in town. That there is all sorts of new negotiations to get Wayne (Ballard) to drop the lawsuit. He (Lettre) met with Bob Milone about giving Bob Milone’s wife a job. I’m hearing all kinds of s**t.

Sparaco speaking several minutes later: Yea. You know … I dunno. If this guy … today you (speaking about Ballard) drop the lawsuit? NOW you drop the lawsuit? NOW you drop the lawsuit? You put me through ALL this! Two weeks ago …..   It’s been six months!! SIX months you (Wayne Ballard) were adamant you wouldn’t drop the lawsuit. I’m going to bat for you for six months …. I’m making enemies … getting people pissed off at me … getting all these people blogging about me… for SIX MONTHS!!!   Now all of a sudden Eddie Lettre talks to you for two seconds and you drop the lawsuit? How does that make me (Sparaco) look? You know how many times I asked him to drop the lawsuit?

 Hear the previously unreleased audio:

Sparaco may not be happy with Lettre and Reda but he is even unhappier about people who write about his activities in articles that he refers to as “blogs”. He considers the principal “blogger” (the author of this article) to be a particular nemesis and went so far as to join with his “old, weak” Republican Chairman Vinnie Reda in filing a lawsuit claiming mental anguish about what was being written about him.

In these clips Sparaco is talking to a Democratic attorney and asks if writer Michael Hull has a “hard on” for him. Later he demands that an elected official do his best during the November 2013 election campaign for Highway Superintendent to silence criticism of him and his $75,000 five hours per day patronage job.

Attorney: Frank, you are the ‘de facto’ head of the Independence Party. You may not want to admit it, but you ARE! And Michael Hull is going to say you are …..

Sparaco: And what am I to the Working Families Party?

Attorney: You control it!

Later ….

Sparaco: What’s your pitch on Hull? Where did this guy come from that he has got such a ‘hard on’ for me? He’s one of Dennis’s (Dennis Malone’s) people? It’s an Irish thing?

Attorney: I’ve no f**kin’ idea – I never met the guy, I wanted to …..

Sparaco: So he’s just a ‘Joe Citizen’?

Attorney: He’s a ‘Joe Citizen’ who …..

Sparaco: I couldn’t figure out if he’s a ‘Joe Citizen’ that got a ‘hard on’ or if he was a ‘plant’.

Talking some weeks later to an elected official ….

Sparaco: I don’t want to hear anything, anything … Wayne Ballard gives patronage jobs … I don’t want to hear any connotation towards me at all. Tell this guy (Dennis Malone) to back off … it’s not fair but if you could … I’m not being a stickler but these bloggers and all these scumbags and all these f**kin’ ‘Michael Hulls’ … Yes … so I’m not being a ‘dick’ about it like I’m going to blame you about them. The main thing is … the mailings … the attacks …. all of that s**t just forget it.

Hear the previously unreleased audio:

Wayne Ballard’s Confidential Secretary, Nancy Willen, abruptly resigned her job in the Spring of 2014. However, possibly getting rid of Willen and putting Legislator Sparaco in her job was being discussed as early as the Winter of 2013 which should make for an interesting lawsuit against the Town of Clarkstown should Willen decide that by this action she was aggrieved. Much of the following conversations with an elected official and an attorney centered around what job they would try to persuade Malone to give Sparaco if Malone beat Highway Superintendent Ballard in the November 2013 election. Malone was apparently saying he was going to fire Sparaco and send him back to where he came from – namely Sparaco’s former tanning salon and vending machine businesses.

Sparaco: How do you let me keep my job if you run a whole campaign based on the fact that my job is s**t and you are going to cut it. I mean, I’m hearing he (Malone) is already telling people he is going to cut the job .. he is going to fire ‘Frank Sparaco’.

 Hear the previously unreleased audio:

Later Sparaco says that if Malone won the election for Highway Superintendent and kept him on he wasn’t going to do the work in the Highway Department.

Sparaco talking to an elected official: Anyway, I talked to Larry and he (Malone) told him he was thinking of keeping her, keeping Nancy (Nancy Willen) … I’m not doing all the f**kin’ work there (in the Highway Department) …… Do you think I am going to f**kin’ go in there and do all ….. Listen, we need to discuss that right now. …… This woman works her mother-f**kin’ ass off.

Hear the previously unreleased audio:

Later in the same meeting Sparaco says that he likes his job as ‘Constituent Services Assistant’ at $75,000 part-time and doesn’t want to change to something in which he would have “to work his ass off”. He explains in the next clip what he will be doing if Dennis Malone were to beat Wayne Ballard and he kept his part-time job. Apparently, he saw the job as not working his ass off but rather as glad-handing for Malone the senior citizens of Clarkstown who are referred to, in one of Sparaco’s favorite words, as “old” people.

Sparaco: Because then I have to work my ass off. I want to run for office. I like going into the senior clubs to say “I’m here for Dennis Malone” but I’m really there making friends with all of the old people … You know I like my job. Besides all the attacks and the negative connotations of a political patronage job, it’s a really, really good position to be in as far as going out and meeting constituents. “Oh, you got a pothole? Dennis, please fill a pothole on ….” And they love me. …

 Hear the previously unreleased audio:

Strangely after saying repeatedly that he didn’t want Nancy Willen’s job because of the work involved and still highly concerned about Malone’s vow to fire him if Malone was elected as Highway Superintendent, it appears that Sparaco’s wife became a major consideration in his personal economic planning as she was about to have their third child. His ‘tune’ apparently changed – if you can believe this – because of f**king diapers”.

Sparaco: I need you to tell me at our next meeting whether he (Malone) is okay with me keeping my job (as part-time $75,000 Constituent Services Assistant) in return (for bringing in minor party votes for Malone) or having Nancy’s job or can I have my pick of the two? Maybe I will change my mind in September (2013). Maybe I will say I need the extra 30 grand … f**kin’ diapers … my kid needs ear … God forbid, you know, I’ll take Nancy’s job …. give someone else mine.

Hear the previously unreleased audio:

Only in Supervisor Gromack’s Clarkstown does the trading of patronage jobs come down to f**king diapers.  It is somewhat ironic, after his part-time job was eliminated by the Town Board and Ballard’s former Confidential Secretary, the ultra-hardworking Nancy Willen, had resigned abruptly, that Legislator Sparaco got her job and the extra 30 grand after filing a Notice of Claim against the Town of Clarkstown stating that HE intended to sue the Town Board for loss of HIS part-time position. The Town then acquiesced with Highway Superintendent Ballard’s appointment of Sparaco to Willen’s full-time position of Confidential Secretary. This raises the interesting question as to when the Town might expect to receive a Notice of Claim from Nancy Willen?

In another tape Sparaco discusses taking control over the minor parties and eventually taking control of the Republican Party itself. One might wonder how one person who belongs to a particular political party can have control over several other parties in New York State. The fact is that many of the minor parties are political parties in name only led by one or two individuals who never run any candidates of their own but simply trade their ‘party ballot line’ for jobs or other considerations. Many voters do not realize this and not paying attention to what is going on believe that because a candidate is on numerous ballot lines that candidate must be the ‘best one’.

A particularly bad example of a minor party in Rockland County is the so-called IndepenDENCE Party which many principled but unknowledgeable voters believe is an indepenDENT party. It is actually controlled by Legislator Sparaco through his school friend, John Perrotta, and formerly was headed by Sparaco’s mother-in-law, Debra Ortutay.  Phil Reisman of the Gannett News organization termed the Independence Party a legal racket while senior members of the Democratic Party in New York State called it corrupt and asked Governor Cuomo not to run on the line this year. (He decided that there were many voters in New York State who did not understand the difference between indepenDENCE and indepenDENT and he accepted the corrupt line).

Here is how Sparaco looks at the minor parties in Rockland (Conservative, Independence, Working Families) in a discussion he recorded while speaking on the phone with a political colleague.

Sparaco: That’s the thing about controlling a Party. Once you control a Party ….. You can change the by-laws to fit whatever you WANT.   And no judge …. the judges actually on the contrary constantly say “we don’t interfere in inner party workings. The by-laws says ‘this’, that’s the rule. Have a nice day!”   It’s one of those things! …. Yea … and the best Party actually for local chapters is the Conservative Party because they allow their local chapters to have full autonomy. If I could go back in time now that’s the f**king Party I should have.

When told he might have the Conservative Party eventually and that the key ultimately would be for him to have the Conservative Party AND the Republican Party and that with the Independence Party he would be all set, Sparaco replied.

Sparaco: I kinda just fell into it because I was sick of getting f**ked around by them. I WANT to run for Senate. That’s always been my dream. Taking over the minor Parties was just kind of a stepping stone in that direction.

On Tuesday, September 9th Legislator Frank Sparaco, the Town of Clarkstown’s Confidential Secretary, will attempt to implement this strategy by taking control of one of the two major Parties as a kind of a stepping stone to becoming a New York State Senator. To do this he will seek to have nearly 200 committee people of his choice elected by Clarkstown Republican voters to control the Clarkstown Republican Party on his behalf as explained in this video from the Clarkstown GOP

Watch this short video released by members of the Clarkstown GOP
“It is from your ranks that I come”

Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797) who was a political philosopher and statesman and who is regarded as the father of modern conservatism, stated: “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle”.

The election to be held on Tuesday, September 09, 2014 meets Burke’s criterion – unless Republican people of principle vote in this critical primary election they will indeed be an unpitied sacrifice to Legislator Sparaco’s contemptible behavior and his slate of puppet candidates.

Should you wish to vote for the slate of candidates who are pledged to support Ed Day and his leadership in the Clarkstown Republican Party you should read more about the candidates he recommends on the official Clarkstown GOP website. Look for your name on the list of Republican Voters in Clarkstown which will tell you the election district number that you live in. With that election district (ED) number open this link and there you will find County Executive Day’s slate of candidates for your district. Note the names of the committee people who will be on your ballot and take a copy of their names with you on September 9th.

Vote for ONLY the names on this official list. Note that there may be anywhere from 2 to 4 names in your election district. It is critically important that you vote ONLY for the names on Ed Day’s list and NO additional names.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good people to do nothing!

About Michael N. Hull

Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

About the Author
Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

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