Don’t EVER call me Middle Class Again!

Posted On Mar 10 2014
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“As Americans, we are not collective groups of middle, lower or upper class citizens, but rather individuals freely climbing a ladder of economic opportunity 

I refuse to accept the old world references to American citizens as members of various classes. My economic status is not middle/average nor is it permanent. I don’t want politicians pandering to me  under some condescending collective title. Nothing in the real world is truly permanent nor are we part of the same “team” because we make the same amount of money. So why let ourselves be trapped by this negative language? If being called “middle class” doesn’t really bother you, I suggest that it should.

People talk about the “Upper Class” in a way that reinforces a false perception of a permanent aristocracy. The reality is, American fortunes are lost just as fast as they are made every day and mobility between these so called classes fluctuates quite a bit.   

If we are ever to fight off the engulfing tyranny being slowly imposed on us by the politicians of this last century, we need to stop using these would-be tyrants propaganda to refer to ourselves and our fellow citizens. The words we use have meaning and they matter as my father often reminds me.

America proved it was possible for humanity to flourish and produce unimaginable economic growth if we only had the chains of the cast/class structure removed.  While not perfect, our society has been a stark contrast to those of the past. Our example  announced to the world that man no longer had to be part of a peasant class subject to a King, an could achieve great success even in the face of great adversity.  America to many, was the mother of exiles, as the inscription on the statue of liberty reads:

“Give me your tired, your poor,your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me…”

It was with this calling, that many of our families immigrated here to have a chance for a better life. Countless generations from every faith and culture have had a chance to succeed and the freedom to fail in our relatively free market society.  Today, we should have more opportunity as a society than ever before, especially after we fulfilled the promise our founders dreamed of by ending what was left of the old worlds immoral racial class system: Slavery and Segregation.

I often tell my kids if you don’t decide then someone will decide for you. If you choose to be a slave to your own doubt, fears and laziness and remain fixed where you are in life, then it is a choice that you alone have made, not one imposed on you by your neighbors or some rich boogie man!

We should strive to be the individuals who are the exception to the rule, the ones that break through the mold and stereotypes given to us by others. As Americans, we are not collective groups of middle, lower or upper class citizens, but rather individuals freely climbing a ladder of economic opportunity. We must empower ourselves and our children to rise above the envious who would have you unnaturally contort yourself to fit their fictitious class structure and crush your dreams of a better life.

Buying in to this manufactured class system allows for those who are fictitiously victimized by it to fall prey to it themselves. It gives those that self define themselves as “lower class” no hope for upward mobility. When you are told you have nothing and will never have anything better, it breads one of the worst emotions in a human being; Envy. This envy gives some the unimaginable confidence that they have the moral authority to steal from their neighbors (with the governments hand) and are entitled to their “fair share”of the fruits of another’s labor to sustain their chosen lifestyle. After all, someone has to be to blame for their oppression if it isn’t themselves… why not the rich! You can only be a victim of class warfare if you subscribe to this false paradigm in the first place.

Life is full of choices and I choose to use the words that define me. I will not accept the economic and mental prison of this anti-American class system you would have me enslave myself with. Here today I affirm that I am a free man who is in control of my own destiny. Everyday, I choose to identify or create new opportunities for the continual evolution of myself and my family. I refuse to blame others for my own shortcomings and instead fight to overcome them by working hard and thinking upward to be a better person every day.  

When you define me as “middle class” to me all I hear you saying is: “I should know my role.”

Don’t ever call me middle class again!

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