Congers Resident Peter Bradley Responds To Comments Made By Legislator Wieder

Aron Wieder

To: Editor Of Rockland Voice
From: Peter Bradley, Congers resident

When Do They Stop? When Do We Begin?

At a recent Rockland County Legislative meeting, Legislators Aron Wieder and Ilan Schoenberger decided to launch into an extended attack on my character.  This attack was made for the public record and was included in the public minutes of the meeting.

Why these characters thought it was appropriate to attack a private citizen, who was not even in Rockland County on the night of November 15, 2016, is a question to which only they have the answer.  However, in the interest of brevity in this article, I would like to focus on Mr. Wieder’s commentary about me.  Here is a portion of Aron Wieder’s explosive (I was told that his voice was loud and trembling) diatribe against me on November 15, 2016 copied directly from the legislative minutes:

There is a FaceBook page called “Clarkstown -What They Don’t Want You To Know.”  The most active commenter on that page is Peter Bradley, under his name. Please go through his comments and read them one-by-one. I would like to read to you only one. You will conclude that he is not only a racist and bigot, he is also a vicious anti-Semite.

Carlucci SignRecently there was a terrible occurrence in Rockland County where yard/lawn signs were posted all over the County without anyone taking responsibility for those signs. The yard signs had a picture of a very handsome Hasidic person and it read, “David Carlucci for Medicaid. Working Together Other People Can Carry Us.” Senator Carlucci, who has been representing Rockland County for several years and has been very well received from the public his mantra was “Let’s work together.” Someone went out there and put a picture of a Hasidic person and had David Carlucci for Medicaid. Every single decent person in Rockland County denounced it, including the person who was running against David Carlucci. It was announced by local and statewide organizations. The only person that defended the signs publicly was Peter Bradley. He has posted many comments on that topic alone. He defended the signs that no one else defended. I think we should denounce him defending these signs. Not only were people repulsed by these signs, people took them down.

November 15, 2016One of his comments defending the signs reads:
“I am not sure how telling people that 76% of Monsey is on Medicaid is considered anti-Semitic? Who is making these character assertions? Perhaps honesty may be a better policy. Carlucci and Wieder are both heavily hawking the private tuition assistance program. This means that the public at-large will get to pay more money for private school kids to receive religious indoctrination. Am I being anti Semitic for highlighting what these two politicians are actively lobbying for? On November 8th please clear your head and vote for the entire slate of candidates on Row H, the Reform line in Clarkstown. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

The good and beautiful people of Rockland County answered to Peter Bradley, the racist, bigot and anti Semite. They told him he is anti Semitic and they will not vote on Row H.  

Legislator Carey, I am not in anyway shape or form passing judgment on anything you have said. I respect you, but I challenge you to go through all the comments made by Peter Bradley and then come back and tell this body how good and decent we were by not confirming him.

Thank you.

Let me set the record straight for Mr. Wieder. As stated earlier, I could not attend the meeting at which he went on this dry-eyed “trembling” rant because I was at work earning a living to support my family.

Mr. Wieder conveniently left out an important fact about the political lawn sign that he was referencing.  The photograph on the sign was not in my opinion that of “a very handsome Hasidic man” as Mr. Wieder describes; rather, it was a photograph of Mr. Wieder, himself.  You see, at that time, Mr. Wieder was actively campaigning for election to NYS Assembly District 98.  That election ended with Mr. Wieder being pummeled by his opponent, who was also a candidate widely viewed in an extremely unfavorable light.  To have been defeated by an individual who is best not named because of his own myriad of political defects says a lot about what people thought of you, Legislator Wieder.

Attacking with cries of anti-Semitism is your usual playbook, Mr. Wieder, as you seek to continue to impose an agenda of destruction onto the residents of Rockland County.  To say you are a liar would be a strong understatement though you do have the ability in my opinion to unify the masses against you with your persistent incompetence and willful shadiness.

All of the secrets are out on you, Aron!  You can’t run from your record just by calling everyone bigots and anti-Semites!  The past is rapidly catching up to you due to the advent of social media and tremendous Facebook pages such as ‘Clarkstown-What They Don’t Want You To Know.’  Keep reading it and eventually you might learn something!  I do sympathize and understand that you are a product of your criminally negligent academic upbringing, but everyone has to start somewhere.  For you, it should be ‘Clarkstown-What They Don’t Want You To Know.’

Why do you choose to pick on me, Aron? Wait, I think that I know the answer to this.  You probably see me as someone dangerous, as one who stands in the way of your future goals and political ambitions. After all, calling people anti-Semites used to work so well for you in the past.  Newsflash: when you continue to do that, you cheapen the  memory and suffering of the thousands, indeed millions that have suffered the horrors and indignities of true hatred, anti-Semitism and bigotry.  In other words, you and the buffoons standing in your shadows that continue with this stupidity have become caricatures.  You are the collective ‘Boys that cried wolf.’  Your claims have been deemed invalid time and again.  You need to change your spots soon, Aron.

Maybe you and Ilan Schoenberger don’t like me because I provided great assistance in making sure that Ilan lost his bid to become our next County Executive of Rockland?  Surely Ilan has told you that I was in charge of the ‘Preserve Rockland‘ petition drive in Clarkstown.  Ilan must have told you that Clarkstown generated over 3,200 ‘Preserve Rockland‘ signatures for Ed Day, over 1,300 of which were personally collected by me in the sweltering heat of July 2013!  As stated earlier, very few people have the ability to mobilize the masses; you and Ilan do have that trait.  Unfortunately for you, in your case it’s because people are terrified of what you have done and what you might strive to achieve.

But truth be told I need to thank you, Aron.  By going on that extended rant at a legislative meeting, you have validated my efforts.  You see, I plan on continuing to aggressively oppose any legislation or actions that I deem will be harmful to my family, friends, and neighbors.  Unfortunately, you and Ilan seem to always be tied up in those harmful legislative acts and actions.  Thus, that is too bad for you!

You have raised, rejuvenated, and lifted my spirits. I have watched so many ERSD board meetings on YouTube featuring you in action.  I feel the pain of the children to whom you have caused deep and wide harm.  I always ask myself the question: “What if those were my kids? ”  I think we should all ask ourselves the same question. One day, it may be your own school district being systemically dismantled.

Mr. Wieder: I think that you are the among the worst of public officials to have ever been graced by political office! As a result of your incompetence and malfeasance, you have now given me serious cause to consider running for the Town Board of Clarkstown.  For that impetus you are to be applauded. I will begin the process of discussing this possibility with my family, support networks, and allies to see if they agree that such may be the next logical step for me to continue my work healing the damage that you continue to cause in this county.

Anything is possible, right Aron?  Maybe in the near future, I will be able to use the bully-pulpit of political office to personally attack you and Ilan in your absence?  I guarantee you, the vast majority of the listeners will agree with my commentary.  However, luckily for you, I would never disrespect any public office in the way that you and Ilan did that night in speaking of me.

So, thank you for your words of hate, Legislator Wieder, for they have further invigorated my desire to fight against you and what you stand for. I will carefully consider how I can best use the motivation your hateful words have provided to fight even harder for the betterment of all residents of Clarkstown and Rockland who desire ‘Equal Treatment For All – Special Treatment For None.’

‘Equal Treatment For All – Special Treatment For None’ along with ‘Clarkstown – What They Don’t Want You To Know.  I recommend that you take heed of both!

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