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A Budget, No Answers… No Responses…

To: Editor Rockland Voice
From: Julie Globus

The Silence is Deafening Does corruption need to be grand in scope to draw the ire of those of us willing to pay attention and do something about it?

Last week I learned that the Clarkstown Central School District Board of Education, specifically the Facilities Use Committee, is going to examine the facilities to determine the Fair Market Value of each facility including the pool. You, Dear Reader can imagine that I was not shocked to find out that Trustee Carlucci, whose Condors Swim Club has the most to lose by any change in rates, sits on that committee, along with Dr. Chris Serra who has the most to lose if he fights against the current. If Trustee Carlucci’s interests were not conflicted before, this revelation certainly cannot be ignored. Town officials have been blasted for patronage, conflict of interest and fraudulent practices. Trustee Carlucci gets the honor of sitting on a committee, a benefit which will likely protect his interests. Have I got your attention yet? Is corruption on the School Board Level Any Different Than on the City Government Level?

It Should Come as No Surprise That There Has Been Radio Silence on the Part of the CCSD Board of Education and its Attorney.

Repeated emails and articles regarding the patronage, conflict of interest, closing of a school demanded by gross financial mismanagement, significant financial losses serving to benefit Trustee Carlucci have all gone ignored. Emails related to Policy changes which alter the status of the Condors in writing have gone unanswered. Were my inquiries of the BOE to be misguided and were my statements to be patently false, one would think I would have heard something already.

The Silence of the Board of Education and the District’s Attorney, Warren Berbit, Speaks Volumes.

Anyone with knowledge enough to shake the trees until the fruit falls remains silent, presumably for fear of retaliation. Consider Dr. Chris Serra, who has the unenviable task of analyzing Fair Market Value rates as a member of the Facilities Use Committee. Dr. Serra possesses a voice which could be louder than bombs, and a wealth of knowledge which could light a fuse. Despite legal protocols, Dr. Serra runs the risk of retaliation were he to finally strike a match, as seen in 2012 when he questioned Trustee Carlucci’s monopoly on the pool. Almost immediately complaints against him were levied by the Condors’ figurehead, J.P. Carlucci. Consider Trustee Chris Conti, the only Trustee on the Board of Education with the constitutional fortitude to speak out against the situation in Congers. He was almost immediately and spitefully condemned for a single act of ill-conceived mailing of a CCSD email to his personal email account. While I do not condone his actions, the response belied consistency. In 2012 Trustee Carlucci allowed the Condors’ coaches full and complete access to his personal email accounts allegedly containing thousands of CCSD emails. Despite a lawsuit involving those emails, and the involvement of CCSD attorney Warren Berbit which undoubtedly cost the district thousands, there was not a peep from the BOE punitively sanctioning Trustee Carlucci for even having those emails on his Robert Alan Agency and Condors Swim Club accessible computer system in the first place. To add insult to injury, Trustee Carlucci was recently the most scathing in his criticism of Trustee Conti.

The silence is deafening because words of truth by our CCSD district members with the strength of character to utter them are subjected to public pasquinade or vindictively condemned for so doing.

How does City level grossly politically corrupt behavior differ from that of Trustee members of a Board of Education? There can be no other conclusion than that the other Trustees have either silently complied or actively colluded by continuing to allow pool rates to be artificially deflated. They have either silently complied or actively colluded by permitting the Condors Swim Club to monopolize the pool, despite evidence that they don’t meet the policy requirements for preferred pool use and the grossly inadequate rates charged. The other Trustees have either silently complied or actively endorsed Trustee Carlucci by hiring coaches for the CCSD Swim Teams who are also Condors’ coaches, year after year, while either ignoring the application of, or damning those more qualified for that position at Trustee Carlucci’s behest. The other Trustees have either actively endorsed or silently supported the yearly financial losses incurred by the FFMS pool which would save the district tens of thousands but cost one of their own a portion of that instead.

Finally, and to spit in the faces of each and every Clarkstown taxpaying resident, the CCSD BOE appointed Trustee Carlucci to the Facilities Committee which is responsible for decididng the rates of all facilities, most notably the pool. 

It is this last point that I find perhaps the most outrageous, a virtual f..u… to every single taxpaying resident of the District of Clarkstown. ​

How can it be that I and others have been questioning the fair market value rates of the pool and yet, it is Trustee Robert A. Carlucci who sits on the Facilities Use Committee, which determines those rates? How is it that he could have been appointed to that committee in 2014, on or around the same time as his conflict of interest on sitting on the Board of Education was raised, yet again? Can any “rates evaluation” really yield a credible result when Trustee Carlucci’s presence on that committee so clearly compromises those results? Is this not yet another example of political patronage? Is this not yet another example enabling Trustee Carlucci to further his own personal interests to the detriment of the entire CCSD community? And yet it is couched in “he will not vote on any actions related to the pool.” Would the SEC or FINRA accept this response in the hedge fund business?

Even if Trustee Carlucci were a Pillar of Integrity, His Interests Would Still be Conflicted.

Were Trustee Carlucci to have a modicum of appropriate decorum when it comes to the taxpayers of CCSD and even a negligible level of integrity, he would be the perfect person to determine the Fair Market Value Rates for use of the pool. Yet, he would still be deemed in conflict. In the SEC/FINRA world, he would not pass the smell test. I can almost guarantee you, Dear Reader, that the rates are not going to change very much, if at all, and CCSD taxpayers will still suffer losses; but it will be couched in very cleverly crafted language insulting our intelligence. Alternatively, it will be couched in appeasing my demands that CCSD taxpayers be given greater use of the pool.

Were Trustee Carlucci to be sitting on the school board for the sake of anything but his own self-interest, he would suggest pool rental fees consistent with what the Condors pays for use at Mark Twain in Yonkers and/or at Westchester Community College (both public institutions). We know better than that, as time has proven. Were Trustee Carlucci to be sitting on the Board of Education with even the remotest concern for Clarkstown Taxpayers, the Condors and other clubs would pay meet fees consistent with the amount paid at Mark Twain or Lehman College (part of the CUNY system) to run a meet out of their pool?

We know better, Dear Reader. There will be little activity on this waterfront because those charged with making changes are far too self-interested to do so. Undoubtedly the reasons will be twisted and turned and crafted to appease those of us who fancy a vision clouded by roses and flowers.

Are we really fool enough to believe that the subsidy shelled out by the taxpayers of CCSD who support the losses to the pool are not in Trustee Carlucci’s own financial interest? That is for you to decide; and the board to further substantiate in its future decision-making. I have all of the answers I need; but dear reader rest assured, complacence or complicity are going to be the words of the day.

For now… Silence… 

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  • ClarkstownDad

    Oh my God this is sickening. I hate using this word but you are nothing more than a liar …… this has already been proven and now you continue to distort the facts for your own gain.

    You want to talk about CONFLICT OF INTEREST ….. your husband is a founding member of the Phoenix Swim Club in the area who is looking for more time in Felix Festa for his swim club …… by chance does your crusade against the Condors have anything to do with this?

    Your husband was the one who admitted to breaking into Carlucci’s office and stealing computer files from him on Easter Sunday a few years ago I believe.

    Let’s talk about this committee that Trustee Carlucci is on…. exactly it’s a committee and you are well aware that the committee DOES NOT set the rates for pool usage, the Board does.

    You talk about Trustee Carlucci’s interest in the Condors yet you have personally posted their tax returns which confirm he receives no compensation…. and I’ll say it again he is permitted to receive it as there is no Law that says otherwise.

    Oh yeah, your an Attorney ….. please cite any NY/Educational Law that would say otherwise just for curiosity.

    Why do you continue to twist the facts and make such an effort to mislead people …. never mind I know.

    For now ….. nothing but self-interest, hmmm.

    • Julie Globus

      Clarkstown Dad,
      I’m advocating the same for ALL clubs and teams. Self interest, not… oh, and personal knowledge of the events surrounding those emails, have that
      There’s a police incident report stating that Carlucci’s claims regarding that day were unfounded. No admissions except those of Carlucci and he flip flopped on the content of those allegedly copied emails and an affidavit in court records. All facts. You simply don’t like my conclusions. Oh well…

      • ClarkstownDad

        You are a proven liar and I would NOT take anything you say as accurate until I could verify it via another source. You are just not a nice person and continually distort the truth.

        You’re advocating for your husband’s team ….. who is kidding who.

        Police report huh ….. and what about the Federal Court case …. did your husband not admit to his involvement? Yes or no? Prime example of how you distort things to mislead people.

        “No admission” …. did he or did he not break in …… be direct and stop skirting the issue.

        You are not an honorable person. I would like to say you should be ashamed of yourself but I know that would fall on deaf ears.

        • Julie Globus

          The Condors employee and my husband had every right to be where they were and at all times. My husband was not even present in court, ever. Check the case. But, that’s not the issue. You should run for BOE. You are good at skirting. Were those emails RSA emails or CCSD emails. Please, enlighten us. If they were the former than the CCSD community should have been made aware. If they were the latter than HIPAA laws may have been violated. I’d always wondered. Please find out for me so I know my next move.

          • ClarkstownDad

            Trying to get around it again ….. your credibility is zero to anyone who is paying attention.

            Your husband was not in court ….. when did I say he was ….. very simple direct question ….. did he or did he not admit his part in this theft ….. whether directly or through his attorney ….. yes or no.

            They had every right to be there ….. on Easter Sunday …. yeah I’m sure their intentions were honorable while there were stealing files.

            I do not know what RSA is and do not know what files were stolen, but heck just ask your husband.

            Run for the board, no thanks …… have to put up with people like you who write inaccurate and misleading posts about people so your husband’s team can get more pool time.

            Every time you post you keep proving what I have been saying about the dishonorable person you are.

            Again ….. nothing but your own self interest.

          • ClarkstownDad

            For now ….. silence

          • Julie Globus

            Clarkstown Dad,
            I assume you have a job. So, you go into your office and take your personal files which are on your office computer in the ordinary course. You have a password and a key to your office. Have you stolen files? No. You have not. Unless, of course, there is a contract precluding taking those files. No such contract existed. There was no theft. The lawsuit was an employment lawsuit and the false and defamatory allegations fabricated by Carlucci and his ethically challenged son were completely rejected by law enforcement and the judge in the employment suit. They were made to prevent Trustee Carlucci from paying money owed to a coach. The confidentiality agreement and computer analysis were lip service. It was yet another example of Carlucci and his morally bankrupt behavior.

            No such silence. I will not keep silent, ever.

            And… then there’s the importance of the email content. Trustee Carlucci and his son’s creationism are going to be the source of questions of accountability. If they were CCSD emails, the Carlucci boys owe a responsibility to CCSD students and their families. If they were Robert Alan Agency files there may have been HIPAA violations. At some point the Carlucci boys are going to need to be honest or to defend themselves against allegations by the CCSD community or the authorities responsible for insurance security breaches.

            Round and round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows….

          • ClarkstownDad

            You want honesty, how ironic. ……. and yet you still do not answer the question, how typical.

          • Julie Globus

            Do you have a problem reading or comprehending? Or are you simply blinded by hearts and flowers? I’ve answered every question asked, bar none. Now, quid pro quo: if the comprehension isn’t the issue: Do you honestly believe what comes out of your own mouth or is this like mental masturbation? Certainly you can’t believe that appropriate financial management of the pool means handing it’s keys to any club virtually free of charge at a loss to the district. Certainly you are not one of the half wits in our district who believes the district is financially sound. Certainly you can’t have your judgment so clouded that you don’t realize that two more schools are destined for closure to keep the district running and the pool should not be operating at a loss. Or, am I giving you too much credit?

          • ClarkstownDad

            OK, I will type slowly so you can understand. You have not answered every question but I am not surprised.

            Did your husband admit his part (guilt) in this theft ….. whether directly or through his attorney ….. yes or no.

            At the risk of not getting the prior answered again, I’ll comment on the financial status of the district. What I see is a district headed in the right direction finally. For the last few years I see tough albeit unpopular decisions being made based on the evidence (ex. CES Closing). I see no more 8% increases, no more taking $9 Mill from reserves to balance the budget.

            On School closures ….. based on the numbers another one should close, maybe 2. The State and Demographer’s report both lead one to believe this. We have excess capacity yet people want to live in a wonderland.

            On Pool running at a loss …. while the Bond that was taken out for the pool exists it will always run at a loss. No reasonable person can expect otherwise.

            One community sadly has taken you in although I do not believe for a moment they care one bit about the pool. Heck, I don’t believe you care as much about the pool as you do in taking Carlucci down. Just to inform others who are not aware …. is because your husband used to work for the Condors, stole from them, was caught, admitted it and is now a founder of his own competing swim club in the area.

            One final note. I can only imagine you personally have cost this district thousands of dollars in wasted time and legal expenses by our District in your baseless attacks on the Condors.

          • Julie Globus

            Dear Clarkstown Dad:

            I will answer you in a language that you understand – there was no theft, there was no stealing. Using those words is a dangerous and defamatory line to be stepping on – particularly given that there are police incident reports and court documents stating otherwise. Simple. The police incident report is publicly available to you to prove that point (I am sure you have already seen that report and chosen to cloud your vision regardless).

            A community of honorable, really intelligent, prudent minded and fiscally responsible people have taken me in. I am so very honored to be a part of that group. They continue to amaze me daily by the courage of their convictions. Where your group of single-minded and gutless wonders post information on sites banned by others, want to silence voices by blocking people, want to evade the truth by going behind backs, cowards in their own rights, the group that has taken me in is honest, straight up, no back-stabbing. I rather like that level of integrity. Had the pool been properly managed, they might not have lost a school. Our interests are very much aligned. I am humbled by them daily, quite frankly and hope that my voice continues to be a voice for the betterment of their community, the swim community and CCSD as a whole. As I see it, birds of a feather and all that.

            Sleeping with dirty dogs, Clarkstown Dad, gets you fleas, I have chosen to associate myself with people who have clean hands and they with me, again I am humbled.

            True and accurate. This issue, as well as the closing of Congers Elementary School, has likely cost the district thousands. It will likely cost the district many more thousands to protect the corruption and patronage and dirty politics within this district beginning at the Board level. It is my hope that my contribution, if any, to those thousands spent might prevent CCSD from becoming ERSD. And, despite your friends’ efforts to block me and censure me and post things that I cannot see, I have no intention of keeping quiet.

            The irony in all of this is that you likely have a child who swims for the Condors which is why this bothers you so much. More than likely in another year or two that child will be graduating with a scholarship for that child’s extraordinary and most commendable efforts. Your criticism is strictly about the Condors.

            For me this is very much about the CCSD community and the taxes and the swimmers. It is a legacy that has been handed down since the days of Todd Langermeyer who had the same issues with the corruption and Carlucci’s place in all of that, issues which have been ignored for years. My attacks are not on the Condors. My attacks are on their cagey business practices. I was a member of that inner sanctum once and remember so well Trustee Carlucci’s bragging at a party that he was running for board to protect his interests and beat out Todd’s potential majority. I was not the only person present at that party. I stepped away from the club because I did not like the association. I did not like that the current Head Coach lived with the previous head coach, was welcomed into his home, fed, treated like family and then parasitically stepped all over him for financial gain. That, as I view it is a tradeoff between integrity and personal gain. I found it completely unpalatable. He was scheming and conniving at the time and I imagine will always be, until he follows in the footsteps of those that came before and is abruptly terminated when he does not conform to the practices of the Carlucci boys. I did not like that the former head coach was entitled to thousands in salary and reimbursements and then not paid those thousands. I did not like that my family had two children swimming at the time, that my husband spent hours volunteering for the team during weekends and then was shunned when those of us who saw the writing on the wall in terms of swim coach hierarchy decided to speak up. We knew history would eventually repeat itself and we wanted to have nothing to do with the deceipt and lies that were passed along to swimmers and their parents. While these children, innocent victims in the Carlucci’s boys’ scheming practices, separate team members, tried to remain friends my daughter was verbally brutally abused by a Coach for trying to say hello to those members of a team she had actively swum for and then I was called the C-Word by that same coach when I went in to admonish him for his disgusting show of decorum. These are not people with whom I would choose to associate.

            Perhaps the time between my initial voice on this issue om 2012 and the current status of things was well needed as it gave me two years to discover inconcistencies, fraudulent practices and potentially illegal activity. It also gained me an opportunity to earn a CFE and expand my practice, something I find fascinating. Everything happens for a reason.

            For now, you are the voice of those unwilling to speak up. Unfortunately even you lack the courage of your convictions, though my guess is that is understandable because you have at least one child on that team you need to protect. And, my guess is you are not actually a Clarkstown Central School District taxpayer.

          • ClarkstownDad

            Ah yes ….. your rants while entertaining continue to prove it is all about your issues with the Condors, thank you.
            Again as stated before I am not involved in any way with the Condors I simply take exception to your self-serving crusade at the expense of others and the manner in which you are behaving.

          • Julie Globus

            Ultimately my crusade, which is exactly what it is, will, if the BOE is not completely and utterly devoid of a collective moral compass, and decides to take financial responsibility for its actions, benefit the entire CCSD taxpaying community.

          • ClarkstownDad

            Wow we are making progress …. I agree with some of what you said.
            Note this pool thing based on your information has been going on for many years and the current Board has simply inherited it.

          • Julie Globus

            RAA, typo. Robert Alan Agency.

  • Robert Ward Kurkela

    Stop writing RWK, Ms. Globus. I post under my own name. I have no interest in engaging you so stop it.

    • Julie Globus

      Mr. Kurkela,
      I understand you engaged on the site you blocked me from. That’s gutless. And unsurprising.

      It’s unfortunate, however that you have the audacity to speak about people behind their backs and lack the courage of your convictions, which demands facing them.

      Kudos to President j.p

      Julie Globus