Condors and Clarkstown – The Natatorium Pool Held Hostage?



Letter: To Editor Rockland Voice

Subject: Conflict of Interest, Abuse of Power, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Waste, Condors Swim Club Flags Holding Children Hostage – Retaliation, Vindictive to the Extreme

Last night, March 9, 2015, at 10:00pm, I was advised through a swim coach, that in retaliation for my outspoken letters, articles, inquiries, FOIL requests, reports and other efforts at uncovering what I believe to be: a) Conflict of Interest, b) abuse of power, c) breach of fiduciary duty, d) tax fraud, e) insurance fraud, and f) waste by Trustee Robert A. Carlucci, the 130 swimmers on a competing team would be banned from attending a May swim meet hosted by the Condors Swim Club of Clarkstown, Inc.. This meet, to which the competing team had previously submitted its entries (and was first to do so), is scheduled for May to be held at the Felix Festa Natatorium Pool. Though I was not present when the edict of the ban was passed, it is my understanding that Coach Jim Wargo, Head Coach of the Condors, at the very least had the dignity to look uncomfortable delivering the news. This unconscionable action proved, as I see it in no uncertain terms, that Trustee Carlucci will stop at nothing to protect his empire, even if it means holding 130 swimmers (many of whom are Clarkstown residents), hostage in an effort to silence the voice of dissent.

On March 3, 2015 The Rockland Voice posted a Letter to the Editor  on my behalf, wherein I asked the question: “Felix Festa Middle School Natatorium Pool – Whose Pool is it?” In that letter I set forth my conclusions that, after a thorough analysis of the totality of the data, one can only conclude that the pool is for all intents and purposes the possession of Trustee Robert A. Carlucci. His swim club monopolizes its use at significantly reduced rates, to the benefit of one, Trustee Carlucci and/or his immediate family, and to the detriment of each and every Clarkstown taxpayer. My conclusions were backed up by dozens of charts, emails, rules, regulations, tax returns, correspondence and financial analyses.

My motives for writing my previous Letter to the Editor were questioned, as one might have expected. One supporter of Trustee Carlucci claimed that there is no support for the conclusion that the Condors belongs to Trustee Carlucci. Trustee Carlucci claims that it is owned by his son J.P. who lives and works in Seattle, Washington, where he has been for several years (see J.P. Carlucci’s LinkedIn page). One supporter of my thesis commented that one need look no further than the Condors’ rental of the Robert Alan Agency offices to see the financial connection. I posit that last night’s edict belie any comments made by Trustee Carlucci and/or his supporters to the contrary, Trustee Carlucci is the financial beneficiary of the Condors Swim Club and he will go to any lengths to protect his financial swimming empire; even if it means holding 130 children, youth swimmers, hostage in an effort to silence a voice of dissent.

To date, there has been no one person able to disprove the numbers and supporting information I have provided, despite numerous attempts to the contrary. One supporter of Trustee Carlucci and the Condors commented that he respected my right to argue my point despite disagreement with my conclusions, point well made. Regardless of the position taken, either by those questioning my motives or by those questioning my conclusions, all have thus far agreed that at the heart of it all are the swimmers. Despite the ongoing disputes of the various swim clubs, the financial impact to the community, the venomous arguments over pool time, the children who work hard are entrusted in our care and should be protected. Trustee Carlucci and every single member of the Board of Education: Mike Aglioloro (President), Wendy Adolff (Vice President), Darin Diamond, Chris Conti, David Gosman and Kevin Grogan, owe perhaps the greatest fiduciary duty to those children. Trustee Carlucci, by his very actions last night breached that duty. Any member of the Board of Education who supports his action is in breach as well.

More than one employee of the Clarkstown Central School District has commented that the issue is and has always been the inability of the Condors to play nice in the sandbox. One member of the CCSD commented that he/she has a problem in not knowing where CCSD ends and the Condors begin. I have concluded on the basis of the totality of the evidence and circumstances, that the Clarkstown taxpayers are subsidizing in financial terms the unhindered, unfettered and unshackled use of the Felix Festa Natatorium by a club owned by Trustee Robert A. Carlucci and/or his immediate family members.

Trustee Carlucci’s Condors’ actions of last night are nothing short of unconscionable. Those actions show in clear and convincing language the extent to which Trustee Carlucci will go to protect his financial empire and his unfettered use of the pool. Silence the one by manipulating and harming the most vulnerable, the swimmers. The action of Trustee Carlucci’s Swim Team, in banning another team from competing in a meet hosted at the Felix Festa Natatorium Pool, should raise the question to each and every member of the Clarkstown community: whether swimmer, whether taxpayer, whether parent of a swimmer, whether member of the group of us who live our lives as swim taxis, whether Condors Swimmer, whether Condors parent:

Can we live with ourselves by allowing this type of vindictive and retaliatory action to go unnoticed?”

Not only are we, the taxpaying public, subsidizing the monopoly of the Felix Festa Middle School Pool by a Trustee of the Board of Education, not only are we allowing financial resources to be wasted by renting out the pool at below fair market value rates; but now we are allowing Trustee Carlucci to harm the swimmers, whom we all agreed, supporter and dissenter alike, should be the first priority.


Julie D. Globus
Sabharwal, Globus & Lim LLP
Telephone: (845) 634-2250

[Rockland Voice does not take any editorial position on the matters raised in this letter. We note that the issue of the use of this pool has been raised at a recent Clarkstown Central School District Board meeting.]

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  • Taypayer

    nice post, there should be an investigation into this matter. taxpayer money should be used to benefit the society as a whole.

    • JG

      Thanks. Unfortunately without some form of BOE oversight taxpayers are going to continue to pay obscene amounts of money to use a pool that we continue to pay for, a Trustee on the BOE is going to continue to get favored status and kids are going to be held accountable as retaliation for posts like this one. Trustee Carlucci is likely going to have friends in North New City running for the BOE.