Absentee Ballots Overturn Conservative Primary Election Day Result

County Executive Day

County Executive Day

Ramapo’s developers see County Executive Ed Day – rightfully so – as an existential threat to the unbridled over-development that has been lining their pockets and squeezing taxpayers. Now, as part of their desperate bid to unseat Day we see from a tweet that the Bloc has successfully engineered a coup of the Conservative Party line by bringing in absentee ballots which were enough to defeat Day by just over 30 votes in last weeks Primary.



The absentee ballots, counted on Tuesday, September 19 that took Thomas Sullivan to victory after he lost the count of those who showed up at the polls, came nearly exclusively from the ultra-Orthodox religious enclaves of Monsey and Kaser.

On September 20th, 2017 County Executive Day issued the following statement on his Facebook page which said in part:


As we expected, the inevitable happened … Election officials reported that that after counting an unprecedented number of absentee ballots, the Primary Day Conservative Party tally currently is now 647-615 in favor of the Ramapo political machine supported candidate. This unheard of absentee ballot turnaround, both in numbers and in percentages, came on the heels of an actual Primary Day tally where despite an unbelievable influx of over 500 voter registrations in 3 days, I was still declared the winner by a 574-520 margin.

It has become clear that the Rockland Conservative Party has been seriously compromised. The potential voter fraud that occurred through phony registrations and fraudulent absentee ballots has made this evident. This is a wakeup call to all the people of Rockland County. While we have made great strides against overdevelopment over the last four years, our fight is not over.

Those who wish to destroy our way of life are desperately trying to defeat me and take over our county. We will not let that happen. This current maneuver to take over an established political party should serve as a clarion call to the people of Rockland. This deceptive behavior shocks the senses and defies all belief, and will not be tolerated by me nor the people of Rockland. I call on my opponents to condemn this behavior and declare publicly whether they support the good people of Rockland or not. I again welcome their review of the evidence we have developed that they have yet to accept.

While my campaign now moves forward and looks to continue the good work we have done for the next four years, we will turn all of the information we have obtained over to the District Attorney and U.S. Attorney. We will not delay this process with civil court action and run the risk of delaying the electoral process that includes military ballots, one that my own son serving on active duty is reliant upon. I am hopeful that this obvious assault on our American way of life, one secured by the blood of patriots, will be investigated and those behind it will be brought to justice.

Earlier this month prior to the Conservative Primary the Rockland County Times wrote that most Conservative Party members support Ed Day’s regime, but if party members didn’t go out to vote a renegade candidate supported by a Ramapo faction of the party could take the line. At the last minute of petition season a faction within Ramapo handed in enough petitions to place Tom Sullivan on the ballot. The faction also registered about 500 new voters in the party. The Board of Elections found that many of these new registrants already had registered in Sullivan County and Brooklyn.  The Rockland County Times asked: “Are these new voters invested in Rockland County, or are they portable voters who conveniently change their address when a vote is needed?”

We have been drawing attention for several years to the disgrace that is the Conservative Party under the leadership of ‘Emeritus’ Ed Lettre and Sam Nameit. In an article ‘The Snake That Bites Both Hands‘ we wrote:

Ed Lettre with Alex Gromack

Ed Lettre with Alex Gromack

In Rockland County the main minority Party ‘legal-racket’ (a term first coined by Phil Reisman of the Journal News) is the Conservative Party, headed by Sam Naemit, but in reality said by many to still be controlled by the former mentor of Clarkstown Democratic Supervisor Alex Gromack, Ed Lettre. The Conservative Party’s twin in Rockland, the ‘legal racket’ Independence Party, is in demise now since the principal controller of that racket recently followed its former leader, his mother-in-law, to jail while running an absentee ballot racket out of Clarkstown’s Highway Department under Highways Superintendent, Wayne Ballard.

Unfortunately, many Democrats and Republicans do not pay detailed attention to the political schemes involved with accepting the endorsement of the Independence and Conservative minor parties in Rockland. Therefore they may not fully realize the implications of the situations into which they are placing themselves. The leadership of the Conservative Party may perhaps have anything but the ideals of its ‘conservative’ members in mind. The party seems to many observers to be about patronage and shady alliances. Candidates outside of Rockland may not be as well versed as their colleagues in Clarkstown in understanding the machinations of the Conservative racket which may explain why they openly pay good cash to board the Conservative Party’s “take-any candidate’s-money and run” train.

Back in that 2015 article we asked …

1) Why are principled people who call themselves “Conservatives” missing the bigger picture that the Conservative Party is working against the new leadership of the Republican Party that has now rejected the past deal-making associated with the Reda-Lettre-Sparaco discredited trio?

2) Why are principled Conservatives not aware that they are supporting a leadership that is working against them on a larger scale, or do they cynically realize this and simply don’t give a damn?

Back in 2015 we warned our Conservative Party readership that their committee was controlled to a large extent by a block of party members from Ramapo. We invited any grass roots Conservative party member to examine the Party’s committee membership list where they would have seen that roughly 30% of its controlling members were at that time comprised of block voters who were presumably looking to further their political influence outside the Town of Ramapo. We asked if Conservatives were willing to open up a line of credit provided by a group based in Ramapo which any rational person must have known would have to be paid off in some way at a later date.

George Hoehmann

George Hoehmann

The main front man for the Conservative Party is reported to be Sam Naemit whose son job obtained a job in the Clarkstown Highway Department under Wayne Ballard. Naemit’s rise reportedly resulted from the support he garnered by the recruitment of committee members of Ramapo’s block voting community who now constitute the key faction of Conservative Party members.  Today he appears to have continued that strategy in getting his own Party’s nominee, County Executive Day, removed from HIS line.

In a further article this year on July 17, 2017 titled ‘Rotten To The Core‘ we asked if some Republicans would still accept a Conservative party nomination given this could be a pursuit of political expediency with a snake that might bite them. We warned that late last year an individual associated with the Conservative Party’s leadership in Orangetown openly stated that Clarkstown Supervisor, George Hoehmann, would not be permitted to represent Clarkstown’s Conservatives in the November 2017 election because of “what happened to Alex Gromack and Ed Lettre“.  When asked who the party would support, he indicated it would be anybody the Democrats put up.

Fired Chief Sullivan

Fired Chief Sullivan

It was not surprising therefore that the best candidate Conservatives could find was a revenge-filled ex-Republican who was fired as Clarkstown’s Police Chief for what he claims was a “witch hunt“.   Not that there is anything suprising in the Conservative Party’s leadership choice – ‘Witches‘ and ‘Snakes‘ are apt bedfellows.

In our view, County Executive Ed Day mistakenly accepted the Conservative endorsement from its ‘nominating committee’ despite what was happening to his conservative colleagues in Clarkstown. Several of those of us associated with the Preserve movement in Rockland felt that the Conservative party was now bloc-controlled and that with Naemit there could be no ‘trust‘ because there was no way to ‘verify‘ anything he promised.

That warning has now been proved prescient; the Conservative Party’s much heralded ‘nominating committee’ chose Ed Day as the nominee of the party while the ‘boss’ wished otherwise as events in the Conservative Party’s primary has now proven.

Dan Weisberg

Dan Weisberg

Earlier this month Ed Day’s Campaign Manager Dan Weisberg called “foul” on more than 500 registrations to the Rockland County Conservative Party’s roster. Weisberg pointed to the registrations received from a specific area of Ramapo “presumably orchestrated for the sole purpose of taking out popular County Executive Ed Day. Where did over 500 new conservative voters come from and why did they register?” asked Weisberg.

Three individuals submitted nearly all the new registrations predominantly from a specific area of Ramapo on three different days. “Many of these registration forms lacked sufficient information such as a previous address or disclosed whether the individual was registered to vote in another county.” Weisberg continued.

The campaign manager also said that an investigation into the registrants by the Day campaign uncovered a number of the new registrants were also registered to vote in other parts of the state — mostly in Brooklyn, Orange County, and Sullivan County. Allowing them to cast votes in two areas. The Day campaign started asking questions with the discovery of 12 individuals who all registered on the same date at the same address. The campaign also asserted the action was a concerted effort to prevent absentee ballots from being mailed to the “new” registrants, which would validate their addresses. The vast majority of the 168 absentee ballots filed were from voters in the Town of Ramapo, many of them amongst the new batch of registrants about whom the Day campaign had earlier complained to both the Board of Elections and to the District Attorney.

Rockland Voice has methodically reviewed the recent absentee ballot request forms that came in for the Conservative Party line Ramapo. We cross-checked these against public records of the names of individuals designated to pick up ballots at the Board of Elections for the one-hundred-plus “Conservative” voters who all conveniently were “out of town” on Primary Day .

We found that most of these voters were born in 1998 – 1999. Upon examination of the records, we believe that powerful ultra-Orthodox lobbyist individuals that promote “shtickle pioneering” may have been individually part of this effort to knock Day off the Conservative Party line. If, perchance, there are multiple “Jacob Wagschals” and “Mordechai Beckers” involved in Bloc politics, the below-mentioned Jacob Wagschal and Mordechai “Mort” Becker are free to clarify the record and deny their personal involvement in this coordinated effort.

These are the names of the individuals who were authorized by the voters to bring forwarded their absentee ballots:

Mendel Drummer; Ber Wollner; Yosef Asia; Abraham Weinstein; Uri Deutsch; Zev Kraus; Joseph Masri; Esther Bineth; Yisroel Eisenbach; Tzvi Muller; Chaim Kugelman; Mendel Huss; Dina Wagschal; Moses Koth; Ari Waldman; Elisheva Schwartz; Zissel Wagschal; Meyer Silber; Aaron Weinberger; Jacob Wagschal; Mordechai Becker.

Public records suggest that none of these individuals are registered Conservative Party voters, despite this seemingly coordinated effort to influence the Conservative Party Primary. Public records further suggest that, while most of these individuals live in the Monsey area, some also live in Kiryas Joel and Brooklyn.


Wagschal and Becker

In a post on his Facebook page, Peter Bradley, commented as follows over a picture of ‘The Men Who Are Trying To Remake Rockland” as follows:

I’ve been wailing about this for months and it’s happening just as I had predicted. Ed Day is now the underdog candidate to win reelection for his County Executive post. Although Mr. Day won the Conservative Primary on the machine count from last Tuesday, he lost the line yesterday during the Absentee Ballot count. Remarkably, Day only got 28% of the absentee tally. That vote ended up being the ‘swing vote.’ Now, career shill Tom Sullivan will headline the Conservative line on your Election Day ballot.

How does a candidate go from having more then 50% of the vote on Election Day all the way down to only 28% of the vote from Absentee Ballots? Simple: very curious voting occurred with the Absentee Ballots. Over one hundred Absentee Ballots emanated out of Bloc-controlled precincts. Many of these ballots were picked up by ‘couriers.’ A ‘courier’ is someone that is designated by the voter to retrieve the election ballot at the Board of Elections and transport it to the voter. Many of these voters apparently weren’t in Rockland on Election Day. Isn’t it fascinating how so many Hasidic eighteen and nineteen year old people couldn’t get the day off to vote on a national holiday?

Two of the ‘couriers’ are pictured (above). On the left is Jacob Wagshal and on the right is Mordechai “Mort” Becker. Mr. Wagshal is a prominent Monsey-based builder while Mr. Becker is a scion with deep and long roots in the ‘Agudath Israel’ umbrella organization. Many people are of the opinion that ‘Agudath Israel’ is the most powerful and resourceful agency within the ultra-orthodox community. I happen to be one of the people that shares that opinion.

For two years, I have been saying that the Rockland Democratic Party is bloc-owned. Now we can also add the Rockland Conservative Party to that list. The voters should know and be informed about what’s going on when many of them blindly vote for party over person at the local level. These local elections are destroying Rockland County by urbanizing it and turning it into a high-density concrete jungle!

Given the comments published by County Executive Day and Clarkstown Town Board Candidate Peter Bradley we need to ask if this ‘Jacob Wagschal’ the same Jacob Wagschal who is a Monsey developer and longtime ally of now-convicted felon Christopher St. Lawrence? The Monsey developer can be seen standing feet away from St. Lawrence in this now-infamous video of St. Lawrence’s 2007 reelection celebration. The developer was reportedly involved in campaign shenanigans in that same election, as documented by Preserve Ramapo here.

Peter Bradley

Peter Bradley

We further ask is this ‘Mordechai Becker’ the same Mordechai “Mort” Becker, of Airmont, the son of Rabbi Labish Becker, Executive Director of Agudath Israel of America? Mort Becker, presumably in a paid position, works for the Town of Ramapo in its apparent one-man “Public Relations” department? Ironically, he seemingly created a few “public relations” problems for himself when he reportedly made remarks about County Legislator Santulli. Mort Becker’s father’s Agudath Israel of America successfully lobbied against a bill that would have protected victims of child sexual abuse and has been providing political cover for corruption by playing the worn-out “anti-Semitism” cardAgudath Israel of America has also been one of the loudest voices championing what could be one of the greatest educational thefts in history: the State Senator David Carlucci Educational Income Tax Credit bill which would siphon hundreds of millions of dollars away from public schools and into the coffers of, among others, yeshivas that do not teach a secular education as mandated by law.

If the aforementioned Jacob Wagschal and Mort Becker are indeed one and the same with the individuals who couriered absentee ballots for Thomas Sullivan, then that would seem to underscore the fear developers and special interests have of another four years of Ed Day.

Frank DiZenzo

Frank DiZenzo

One person of principle in this sad Conservative saga is the present Clarkstown Highways Superintendent, Frank DiZenzo. DiZenzo stated that he did not intend to be placed in a position of any ‘quid pro quo’ with any party line and that he intended to exercise his office to benefit the citizens of Clarkstown and not in the interests of any party political hacks or their hangers-on. He stood by those principles and rejected the nomination of Sam Naemit and his “conservative” cronies to represent them as their candidate for the position of Clarkstown Highways Superintendent.

Regrettably, the same can not be said about Councilman Frank Borelli. With minutes to go before he was to accept or reject the Conservative Party’s offer of their sham line, Borelli, decided to ‘shake hands with the devil‘.  We hope he wore gloves for the handshake?

Finally, to all true Conservative Party members whose conservatism has been taken from them because they didn’t turn out to vote in their Primary, we invite them to turn out at the polls in November in massive numbers.  We suggest that when they do they first note all of the names on the Conservative Party line and then find other candidates on one of the other lines to honor with their vote. In doing so the disgraceful leadership that turned their Party into a sham Party will see a dramatic drop in the votes tallied on that line.

After the election Conservatives can then begin the fight to take back conservatism in Rockland County – assuming of course that it is not too late.



About Michael N. Hull

Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

About the Author
Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

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