Gromack Admits He Wants To ‘Sell Out Seniors’


In a recent article entitled ‘S.O.S – Selling Out Seniors‘ Michael Hull stated that the Town Board of the Town of Clarkstown is being maneuvered by Supervisor Gromack and Town Attorney, Amy Mele, towards a sale of the senior citizen housing complex known as ‘Middlewood’.

Hull wrote: “It is openly being stated by sources within the Town that Moody’s has been assured the Town’s seriously depleted reserve fund will be given a cash infusion shortly and that the Town can thereby retain its cherished AAA bond rating.”

Hull also stated that Clarkstown has slipped into insolvency and needs an urgent cash infusion. Clarkstown raised 2014 property taxes on residents by 3.5% and on businesses by a whopping 17% while promising it could pull another rabbit out of its hat. It now looks like the seniors are the ‘rabbits’ which will be pulled out of the Town’s ‘Middlewood Hat’.

In this article from the Rockland County Times we read that Gromack admits he does want to sell Middlewood but that Michael Hull is “stirring the pot to get people upset”.

“I think some people like to stir the pot and get people upset, like Mr. Hull and his articles. Everything he says is inaccurate. And I think its just a disturbance to try and spook people to think something nefarious is going to be done when in fact it is all very positive,” said Gromack.

Everything is inaccurate?

Read on: “Not everyone in Clarkstown’s government thinks Hull is full of hooey. One high-ranking town official told the Rockland County Times anonymously that Hull’s outlook was almost all true.”

Hull says Gromack is in urgent need of a “cash infusion because his overspending has put the Town’s Reserve Fund into a critical status”.

Gromack says Hull is “inaccurate“.

Then Gromack proceeds to explain the process of the potential sale to the Rockland County Times as follows:

“They [the buyer] would have to pay the town a negotiated amount, but the good news is that the town, from a financial point, would get some money in the town budget from this transaction.”

Isn’t that what Hull said and which Gromack said was “inaccurate“?

Town Attorney Mele chimed in with “I understand that residents get nervous about change. When we have a buyer, the buyer will meet with them to relay (sic) any fears that they may have.”

According to Gromack, Hull is “full of hooey“.

Hull says that under Gromack this is a Town Board that has apparently lied to its citizens before and that it is now a Town that is apparently lying to its citizens again about its determination to sell Middlewood within the next couple of months.

If Hull is not ‘full of hooey’ why are buyers being sought to “get some money in the town budget from this transaction”.

That is a question that is sure to “stir Supervisor Gromack’s pot“.

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