GOP Teacher Gives Former Pupil Another Failing Grade


Recently County Legislator Sparaco sent out a ‘Dear Friends’ email in which he railed about those he considers are incompetent politicians including Robert Axelrod, Chairman of the Clarkstown GOP and County Executive, Ed Day.  One of his political hacks, Joseph Gravagna, subsequently published a letter in the Rockland County Times threatening Day that if he “continued on this path he would face a Republican primary when he runs for re-election and said with he would be “happy to discuss this with you on the phone or in person feel free to call me anytime.”

In his email Sparaco wailed that he can no longer support the present Chairman of the Clarkstown Republican Party, Robert Axelrod, because the Republicans “lost their headquarters due to a failure to pay a $100 bill and the Republicans also lost their phone number which they have had for over 20 years”.   Sparaco then summarized his analysis of Axelrod’s competence by writing: “His tenure has been plagued with dysfunction, divisevness (sic) and incompetence.”

Apart from general misspellings throughout the email, it seems pupil Sparaco could not even spell his former tutor’s name correctly and even more alarming misspelled his own street address at 17 Louis Avenue as ‘Louise’.

Formerly unable to bring this student up to a minimally passing grade, Axelrod has written one final letter of despair unburdening his pupil of his many misbeliefs and offering him some truths which may be too burdensome for Legislator Sparaco to bear.

Dear Mr. Sparaco,

Recently, you sent out a misspelled, factually incorrect letter, which is posted on your Facebook page. Let me relieve you, if that is possible, of the burden of your error with something that is difficult for you to hold up – – the truth.

It is no secret that you have been portrayed negatively in the news on a continual basis, however, this has been going on long before the latest internal conflict. I did not bring this on and do not welcome the intrusion and imposition this creates for myself, my family, and my supportive friends within the Clarkstown Republican Committee.

Mr. Sparaco, you are defiant, belligerent and arrogant (classic narcissistic behavior). You hid these traits well when I supported you for your initial candidacy for Legislator back in 2007. At that time, you presented yourself as a humble, dedicated family man, whose ideals were honest and uncompromising.

Although you were ambitious, you lacked the skills, refinement and education to achieve the lofty goal of being a Legislator. Back then you were more than eager to accept my expertise, calling me nightly during your campaign to complain about how you were being belittled, insulted and threatened by (your current buddies) Chairman Vincent Reda and Ed Lettre. I taught you how to dress the part of a public official. As a Professor of Speech at Rockland Community College, I took you under my wing and spent countless, unpaid hours, privately coaching you on public speaking and helping you develop the confidence you would need in the public sector. I calmed and focused you, Mr. Sparaco, until you decided you had gotten enough out of me, and moved on to using Chairman Vincent Reda for whatever you could get from him. Had you revealed your true self to me back then, I would never have assisted you in winning that first election (and for that, I am truly sorry).

Mr. Sparaco, you indicated that we lost our headquarters and phone number because I failed to pay the bill. Since you have now opened up the discussion about this (of which you obviously are poorly informed) I will respond with the facts. The 18’ x 20’ room that we used approximately 3 times per month, and paid $100/month rent for the first 5 years of my chairmanship, became a mold infested, damp, uninhabitable place. Stu Weinberger, the landlord, did nothing to correct the situation (after repeated complaints) and meetings were moved to my home, or other locals because of the health and breathing issues this caused. The electric bill on this tiny room cost us about $200/month, which was more than my 12 room house. When investigated, it was found that the Clarkstown Republican Committee was paying for the electricity to Vincent Reda’s office and Stu Weinberger’s office. They both claimed ignorance, but never offered to reimburse us for all the money we had lost (5 years worth, at the very least). I never complained to the Board of Health about the health conditions caused by mold, or made charges against both for using our electricity, and again, for that I am truly sorry. The GOP phone cost us in excess of $100/month even though it was rarely used. Our budget was being drained of needed funds. SO, Mr. Sparaco, now that you are aware of the facts, do you now agree that the fiscally responsible action would be to do as I did?

As for running candidates against Republicans, all I can say is, Mr. Sparaco, you do truly amuse me! You fought me every time I wanted to run a Town Council or Supervisor candidate. You chastised me for running Ralph Sabatini and Shibu Abraham. You backed Alex Gromack and Shirley Lasker three years ago. They even thanked you and Chairman Reda personally for your support at their reorganization meeting at Town Hall in 2011, and you continue to support the Democratic Clarkstown Town Board candidates ever since. You openly admitted to not supporting REPUBLICAN County Executive Ed Day this past year, and at your so called birthday party/fundraiser this past March you gushed over every single Democratic elected official present. Further, in a phone call to me on Mother’s Day you threatened me and all our Clarkstown Republican elected officials. My wife was subjected to this tirade since you ranted on my Bluetooth while I was driving and you could not control yourself even knowing my wife was in the car. Then you posted on your Facebook page (confirmed on Barry Kantrowitz’s Web page) that you were attending his KICK OFF FUNDRAISER, when we had a highly credible REPUBLICAN candidate for Legislative District 5. SO, Mr. Sparaco, before you go pointing your finger at me, you may want to check in the mirror first.

It is common knowledge, Mr. Sparaco, that you, aided and abetted by the County Chairman, orchestrated a “strategy” that included endorsing Democrats in the 2011 legislative elections. It was your own “strategy and tactics” that brought our party to one of the most resounding defeats in memory. Those of us at the Comfort Inn during election night returns will remember that. NOW Mr. Sparaco, you work against ME, the person who brought us back from the ashes just two years later.

You claim that I am a pro-choice, anti-gun, big government Rockefeller Republican. Obviously, you truly know nothing about me at all. You also indicated I was a Democrat and ran for Legislator against Tom Morahan in 1997. BINGO, you finally got one right! Yes, I switched over 10 years ago for many reasons, mostly because I realized that my principles most coincided with Republican principles. WOW, that sounds a lot like Ronald Reagan, who switched to the Republican Party when he was 51 years of age. I guess he was not much of a Republican either. Oh, and by the way Senator Morahan highly respected me, even back then. Toward the end of our campaign, at New City Jewish Center, he said, “Bob, I really like you and I believe someday you will make a great Legislator, but not today.” We had a laugh and he was right, it was not to be that day.

As for petition signature collections under my leadership, Clarkstown has always taken the lead throughout the County in the number of signatures collected. We have never failed our REPUBLICAN candidates in getting on a ballot. Didn’t you collect signatures for Ilan Schoenberger and David Fried as Democratic candidates against our own GOP candidate Ed Day in the 2013 race for County Executive? How many signatures have you collected for Republican Chris Day? Apparently, your short term memory is lacking, Mr. Sparaco!

I cannot argue with you about helping to collect signatures on behalf of the Independence and Conservative Parties. First, I make no pretense about my disdain for third parties, including our local leadership (which includes you). Second, I cannot support these third parties who by-pass their personal ideals to endorse candidates for prospective personal gains. Lastly, I am the Clarkstown Republican Chair, not the Conservative or Independence Chair, who collects a fee from these candidates to gain support.

Yes, we are outnumbered 2:1 in the Town and County, yet Ed Day won by a landslide despite not having the Conservative and Independence lines, and despite your efforts to thwart him. By the way, Clarkstown brought out 82% of the Republican vote. Go ahead Mr. Sparaco, try to take credit for this too.

Another tidbit: You ran the Young Republicans to the ground. In the last two and a half years I do not remember seeing you at any of our local elected officials’ fundraisers, and you have not contributed to our Clarkstown Annual Brunch and our Republican honorees in the past two years.

As a legislator you love to toot your own horn. OK, let’s put your ridiculous myth to bed right now. While you are known to vote no against tax increases, you offer no solutions. You are also known as one who causes fiscal crisis and then you refuse to take responsibility for your reckless actions. In one of your first acts as GOP Minority Leader you supported (March 15, 2011) the borrowing of an $18 million deficit note to cover a hole in the budget. Even six Democrats voted against this reckless act. Well Mr. Sparaco, you had the deciding vote in that 9-8 vote that evening, a vote that caused a 30% property tax increase. Of course in order to prove to all that you are a “tax fighter”, you conveniently voted “no” to the very tax increase that you directly caused! By all expert accounts, that one fiscally irresponsible vote by YOU set our County on a path to near destruction. You now continue your reckless actions, from voting to increase taxes on bus washing to voting against cost savings measures being proposed by our true Republican County Executive Ed Day.

And finally, Mr. Sparaco, I admit that I truly regret one final failure on my part. Apparently my attempt at schooling you to prepare you for public life could not overcome your lack of a real education. Don’t you live at 17 Louis Avenue, not Louise Avenue? And, by the way, my name, MR. SPARACO, is Bob AXELROD, not Axlerod (just for the record)!

Clarkstown Republican Chair
September 01, 2014

About Michael N. Hull

Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

About the Author
Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

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