Former Chairman Of Rockland County’s Republican Party, Vinnie Reda, Is Asked “Where Are The Republican Party’s Funds?”



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In November 2014, Vinnie Reda stepped down from the chairmanship of the Rockland County Republican Party following his protégé, ex-County Legislator Frank Sparaco’s, failed attempt to take over the Republican Party’s Leadership Committee. Attorney Lawrence Garvey was elected to replace him and Reda was given an ‘Emeritus’ title retaining his position as a Republican Committeeman.

Shortly thereafter, however, senior individuals in the Republican Committee found that the financial records of the Party, which were under the direct control of Reda for over a decade, could not be reconciled.

Rockland Voice has now learned that Reda was confronted to explain why there is a discrepancy in the Rockland County GOP’s accounts of over $50,000. It appears that in one checking account party officials found a balance of approximately $85,000, which did not match up with what was reported to the New York State Board of Elections Campaign Finance Committee. That organization was told the balance was approximately $140,000.

Additionally, it also appears that there was a second bank account uncovered which was never registered with the New York State Board of Elections at all. In this account tens of thousands of dollars apparently passed through it with no form of oversight.

Senior sources in the Republican Party are saying that Reda was confronted with these fiscal irregularities and that he was asked to explain many of the expenditures in the two accounts. Reda has apparently not been able to do so to the satisfaction of those examining these financial records and he is reported to have offered an unacceptable explanation that the Republican Party’s previous treasurer is to blame.

A senior Republican who is highly regarded for his knowledge of Party accounts was asked to work with the previous Party treasurer in an attempt to rectify the discrepancies that Reda appears unable to explain. Despite their best efforts they were unable to explain the overwhelming number of discrepancies and were left to conclude that there was a “serious problem” with the books that were provided by Reda to the new Republican Chairman when Reda stepped down from the chairmanship.

Among items apparently paid for by Reda utilizing Republican Party funds were car insurances and Country Club fees. Those items and others were deemed so outrageous to those examining the Party’s financial records that they precipitated the removal of Reda from the County Committee Leadership and as a State Republican Committeeman, in what we understand was an extremely confrontational meeting with Garvey.

At this time Reda no longer holds his ‘Emeritus’ title and access to the office he was provided last November has been terminated. We can also confirm that Reda no longer is permitted to have any affiliation or any official role with the Republican Committee Leadership. One Senior Republican Official stated that “Garvey just had it with Reda. Garvey gave Reda opportunity imageafter opportunity to clean things up and play nice, and Vinnie just refused”.

Rockland Voice obtained the following statement from Garvey about the issues we have reported in this story: “I can confirm that Vinnie Reda is no longer, in any way, affiliated with the Rockland County Republican Committee Leadership. I can also confirm that the ‘New’ Rockland County Republican Leadership takes their fiduciary duties seriously.”

Reda’s chequered history has been the subject of numerous previous articles in the news media. For example, in May 2013 an article appeared in New City Patch which outlined some of Reda’s past predelictions. Moves to have Reda removed as chair of the Rockland County Republican Party first popped up in 2012 after he made major headlines when arrested and charged with shoplifting a ‘pea’ coat from Macy’s. The case was resolved through what is known as an “Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal.”  In layman’s terms this meant that the charge would be erased as long as Reda did not find himself in trouble again with the law.

Whatever became of the infamous ‘pea’ coat is not known but Reda subsequently survived a challenge to his leadership and was reelected by a rigged voice vote to head the remnants of the Rockland Republican Party for another two years. The Rockland County Times in an article titled ’Republican Rebels Launch Assault On Reda’ explained how Reda throughout his career controlled both the Republican and Democratic Parties so that only candidates of his choosing would be on the ballot for election.  For example, the article described how former Ramapo Town Supervisor candidate, Anthony Mele, charged Reda with being less than loyal to Republican candidates when Reda did not actively support him when he ran against St. Lawrence (Supervisor in Ramapo) in 2007. Instead Reda ‘horse-traded’ for “bloc vote” support in another election.

GromackReda also did not support the Republican candidate for supervisor, Ralph Sabatini, in the 2011 election thus endorsing Democrat Gromack and ensuring his own candidate’s defeat.  That was not surprising to many political commentators since Gromack, seen here on the right, was the candidate whose name Reda put on the Republican line in the election of 2009.  According to Sabatini, the Republican minority leader in the County Legislature and major player in the disgraced ‘legal-racket’ Independence Party, Frank Sparaco, also betrayed Sabatini’s candidacy by supporting Democrat Gromack with a targeted campaign mailing three days before the election.  Gromack was apparently a man of such wide political principles that he was the only candidate appearing on all five party lines in 2007 with the tacit approval of Reda and Clarkstown’s principal puppet master, Ed Lettre, the King of Clarkstown’s Diamonds and Clarkstown’s Machiavelli.

Standing with Reda on October 26, 2010 at a campaign press conference were two individuals who were appointees in Gromack’s administration in the Town of Clarkstown.  Frank Sparaco, on the left of the picture, and Jay Savino, in the SparacoSavinoRedamiddle, listened as Reda spoke in support of Sparaco’s candidacy to the State Assembly attributing the State Democrats implied connections of Sparaco to mobsters as having been “planted” to smear Sparaco and his campaign. Since the time of that press conference Sparaco’s bid to get to the State Assembly ended in tatters and after two successive patronage jobs provided for him by Clarkstown Highway Superintendent, Wayne Ballard, he has now been convicted of illegal activities associated with elections to the Republican Committee. Sparaco is serving jail time and has resigned his seat in the County Legislature. Jay Savino, who Gromack hired at the behest of Reda and Sparaco, was arrested by the FBI while also an employee of the Town of Clarkstown.


Photo Credit: Rockland County Times

Recently, Reda has allegedly started to affiliate himself with the infamous Dr. Giulio Cavallo of the ‘legal-racket’ Independence Party in Westchester. Sources within the Republican Party are indicating that he and the Conservative Chairman – Clarkstown’s Clerk of the Works and Supervisor Gromack’s mentor – Ed Lettre, shown here in the picture on the right, are attempting to take over control of the Rockland County sham Independence Party after the departure of the disgraced Sparaco.

This devilish partnership is now brazenly pushing both Rockland Republican and Democratic candidates to attend the ‘one-man-band’ Conservative and ‘legal-racket’ Independence Party fundraisers where candidates of the two major parties can be brought under their puppet master control. Many have surprisingly and perhaps rather foolishly agreed to accede to this request or should we say demand?

This week, for example, you may be surprised to learn that the ‘legal-racket’ Independence Party, which has seen two of its former leaders serve jail terms, held a fundraiser attended by Reda’s candidate for Supervisor this November, Democrat Alex Gromack, along with the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party Kristen Stavisky and Sheriff, Louis Falco. Can anyone explain why the Democratic Party’s leader and her colleagues would attend such a sham event?

Meanwhile Clarkstown’s Highway Superintendent, Republican Wayne Ballard, who escaped arrest given his active participation imagewith Sparaco in the illegal scheme to take over the Republican Committee, has internal management problems in the Town of Clarkstown and is hoping to save his own political skin by begging for the Reda/Lettre Conservative and Independence Party lines in the coming November election. He paid his dues to Reda and Lettre using taxpayers’ money to fund two patronage jobs for their protégé Frank Sparaco so they do owe him some small token of their appreciation.

Such is the fear that Reda has instilled in some spineless Democrats – supported by Kristen Stavisky as Chairwoman of the Rockland County Democrats – and some equally spineless Republicans – not supported by Lawrence Garvey as Chairman of the Rockland County Republicans – that they appear unable to separate themselves from the minority party puppet-masters, Reda and Lettre, and win elections on their own party lines.

However, those who now foolishly continue to ignore some very obvious conclusions that can be drawn from Reda’s abrupt and unceremonious removal from the Republican Party may pay a heavy political price from the voters in November. You see Reda may likely have further explanations to give to those who have the power to subpoena the Republican Party’s financial records as the search continues for thousands of its missing dollars. Whether Reda is destined to follow the path of the disgraced former Chairman of the Democratic Party, Paul Adler, remains to be seen.

Regrettably, in Rockland County we live at the very heart of New York State’s ‘Corridor of Corruption’.

(Editor’s Note: Three of the individuals mentioned in this article, Reda, Sparaco and Ballard, filed a lawsuit against the author claiming that in earlier articles he was “making them look like criminals”.)

About Michael N. Hull

Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

About the Author
Michael N. Hull has lived in Rockland County for 35 years where he writes articles on philosophy and political affairs. Hull has written over 300 articles for New City Patch and Rockland Voice. He is presently a senior editor of the Facebook page Clarkstown: What They Don't Want You To Know and a senior editor of Rockland Voice.

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    You can not “make” someone look like a criminal by exposing their actions truthfully. They make themselves look like criminals.