LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Islamists Use Terrorism To Rob Our Freedom

Dear Rockland Voice Editor:

Most of us are awakening to the news of updates from what has happened in Saint-Denis, France. This past evening, French police conducted a raid in Saint Denis, where suspects of the Friday the thirteenth terrorist attacks in Paris, France were hiding.

As a result of the raid, four police officers were wounded, two medieval thinking sub-humans were killed, one suspect was hurt and one civilian was killed. First and foremost, the job of a police officer, no matter what part of the world you live in, is to serve and protect the people of your town. And for that, I want to send my thanks to these officers because it once again proves that we in law enforcement are doing a job that the normal person cannot possibly understand.

Now, if you have just started paying attention to the invasion of Europe by Muslim’s all across Europe, the town of Saint Denis is considered to be a “safe zone” for Muslims where the police were not allowed to enter. Back in 2005, Saint Denis was the same town where cars and homes were burned because of perceived oppression of Muslims in France.

The events that are unfolding in Europe and across the world have been allowed to happen by people who are now promoting the idea of tolerance for a group of people who want to see their way of thinking take hold across the world. Just to be clear, I am speaking in regards to the people who believe in the Islamism* [a global conquest of Islam governed by a Caliphate and literal interpretation to the words of the Quran. Editor’s note]

There is no way to sugar coat what is happening in our world. The battle for mankind’s soul has once again been engaged. The battle between the Islamist* and the Christian religion have taken place twice before in history. This is now the third and hopefully final time this battle is taking place.

We are all asking ourselves why in the 21st century is this happening. The answer is a simple as the truths we hold dear. We have people who want to see the world in turmoil. There are people who wish to push an ideology that is meant to restrict the freedoms of freemen.

Now there are people who will do everything to protect the freedoms we in western society have grown to appreciate and love. During the last century, the battle between good and evil was waged across the world. The battle for freedom was waged in two world wars. Both times, freedom won. Now, we are faced with another battle. This time, we are revisiting a battle took place many centuries ago.

The battle is between those who believe as they do*  [Islamist]  and those who don’t. The first two battles were known as the Crusades. Today, we may be witnessing the rise of a 3rd Crusade. We can no longer allow ourselves to think otherwise. The religious fanatics on the Islamist side are not holding back. They say that those who do not believe in their form of Islam shall be given only two choices. Submit to Islam or die.

But as in the past, today we who do not believe in Islam have now stood up and taken to protect our beliefs and our way of life. Living in freedom means you as a person do not bow down to anyone or anything. You have the right to do so if you want but no one forces you to do that. You have a free mind and you are free.

The death of a demagogue is taking place now. The battle for mankind’s soul is taking place all across the world.  We as Americans, are not immune to it.

One way or another, one side will win. The freedoms that we enjoy are being challenged. We as free men and free women are once again being threatened.  It is time that we wake up from our slumber and understand, the fight for freedom is underway. Death is coming. But which side wins will be determined by the one who holds firm to their belief.   I chose freedom.

Jose Nunez,

New City, New York

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