Why So Many Jews Support the Iran Nuclear Deal


Why So Many Jews Support the Iran Nuclear Deal
by Michael A. Koplen, Esq.

The news this past Labor Day Sunday was that 15 Jewish members of Congress, all Democrats, will support Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal. Also, we learn that American Jews, more than any other American ethnic group, support Obama’s Iran plan. Given that 92% of the Israeli public, across the political spectrum, opposes the deal, why, one must ask, do American Jews, who presumably care about Israel, support it?

The answer is quite simple; American Jews support the Iran deal because they support Obama and the Democratic party. There’s really nothing more to it than that. If a Republican president were proposing the same deal, the same American Jews who now support the deal would be vehemently against it. When President Reagan wanted to sell AWACs to Saudi Arabia in 1981, the American Jewish community lobbied vigorously against it because Israel was against it. Thirty-four years later, American Jews line up like lemmings behind a Democratic president to support a far more dangerous arms deal with Iran, a nation that plainly and repeatedly states that “the destruction of Israel is non-negotiable”.

A few weeks ago, having finished my cases for the day, I was heading for the exit door in the Federal Courthouse in White Plains when I was surrounded by a group of uniformed security officers. They gathered in close, looked me in the eyes. They did not want to arrest me, but rather to ask me a question, something that they had been discussing among themselves. How is it, they wanted to know, that so many Jews continue to support Obama, and the Democratic Party. After all, they said, look at this Iran nuke deal.

My interlocutors, known to me for years, were middle-aged former police officers. Tough, street-wise, and informed, they could not believe that Jews continue to tow the Democratic party line. “Obama’s giving them hundreds of billions of dollars, advanced weapons and eventually nukes,” said one. “You know they are going to nuke Israel,” said another, “and millions of Jews are going to die.”. They wanted to hear from me, a Jew, why American Jews support the deal, and the President. I was stuck. All I could think of was “they are crazy.”

But that answer was not very enlightening. Here’s what I really think: The roots of many American Jews’ bizarre loyalty to anything coming from the Democratic party are more than a century old, dating back to the politics of the early Communist revolution. After suffering for centuries from the official anti-Semitism of the czars, Jews in 19th century Russia bought into the Communist propaganda of the day. They had limited choices and the promises of Utopian Communism sounded a lot better than life in the miserable Pale of Settlement. Many of these Jews emmigrated to Israel and America

Though this love affair with Communism died when Stalin renewed the czar’s anti-Semitic persecutions, a seed was planted, the seed of leftist politics. In Israel this meant kibbutzim and socialized labor. In America, leftism became an attitude that seeped down through the generations and today manifests itself in the form of nearly blind Jewish loyalty to leftist causes and leftist politicians.

In Israel, the leftists are opposed to Obama’s new alignment with Iran; Israel’s safety and survival are paramount values, as they should be. But in America, the more secular the Jew, the more likely that he will be a dyed-in-the-wool Democratic party loyalist, and will blindly follow the policies of the Democratic leadership, even to the point of supporting a hare-brained scheme to fund Israel’s mortal enemy with hundreds of billions of dollars and advanced weaponry, including nukes, even as Iran fields proxy armies on Israel’s borders and is openly sworn to the annihilation of the only Jewish country on the planet. Not to mention that Iran has killed and maimed thousands of Americans in recent years and that its leaders lead their followers in chants of “Death to America” every other day.

For many, though not all, American Jews, the Democratic Party is the guiding light, just as Utopian Communism took the place of classical Judaism in revolutionary Russia. American liberal Jews will recite their Democratic Party catechism at the drop of a hat: The Democrats are good; the Republicans are bad; the Democrats care about poor people, Republicans care only about the rich; the Republicans want war, the Democrats want peace. Everything that has gone wrong in America is the fault of the Republicans. Everything that has gone well is the result of Democrat party policies which have succeeded in spite of determined Republican opposition. If the Republicans are for something, it must be wrong. If the Democrats support it, it must be right.

This is what they truly believe.  It’s their religion and they are sticking to it. This, and only this, explains the otherwise inexplicable Jewish American support for the Iran Nuke Deal. 

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About Michael A. Koplen, Esq.

Principal Attorney at Koplen Law Firm, New City, Trustee, Village of New Hempstead, Former County Legislator, Former Assistant County Attorney, President and Director, Washington Online Learning Institute( www.WOLI.edu )

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Principal Attorney at Koplen Law Firm, New City, Trustee, Village of New Hempstead, Former County Legislator, Former Assistant County Attorney, President and Director, Washington Online Learning Institute( www.WOLI.edu )