NY Latinos Organize to Unseat Cuomo

In a stunning announcement today, contrary to media pundits, New York Latinos are gearing up to help unseat long time democrat politician Andrew Cuomo and end a progressive liberal dynasty.latinos organize to unseat cuomo

Governor Cuomo’s pandering to democrat socialists as if latinos who fled socialist countries want it here was taken as an out of touch insult. Latino entrepreneurs are a driving force in the New York economy. They employ tens of thousands of New Yorkers, but are saddled with onerous taxation without tax relief in sight.

According to many, Latinos are fed up with being patronized to for votes by empty lip service, especially exploiting Hurricane crises and manipulating raw emotions for political advantage. It is a transparent and insensitive ploy not lost on the attuned voting public. These political games targeting the Latino community when they are most vulnerable to extract their vote may have eroded the dwindling Latino support base among the key demographics of veterans, law enforcement and business owners. This frustration is felt across party lines and opened up the door for Marc Molinaro, hot on his heels, to secure a major statewide endorsement from a strong and statewide latino coalition. Molinaro may pull this off if he can marshal to his side this key voting bloc.

“Candidate for New York State Governor Marcus Molinaro received a major endorsement from one of the most active and fastest growing Latino Republican Coalitions in the State: New York Latino Republican National Coalition [Latino NRC]. On Tuesday, 25th September, Candidate for Governor Marcus Molinaro participated in a statewide conference call interview with the regional Vice-Chairs of the Latino NRC covering Albany, Orange, Sullivan, Rockland, Westchester, Hudson Valley, and NYC, organized by the NYS Latino NRC Chairman Anthony Melé and Molinaro campaign organizer Jeffery Peacock.” Stated in today’s press release.

“The demise of the Cuomo dynasty is within reach if we have anything to do with it. The Cuomo democrats treat the fastest growing demographic as if they can be bought off with handouts instead of enabling job creators. Cuomo and the democrat socialist really think doling out over taxed workers tax dollars like candy in return for votes is the same as handing out cotton to keep slaves on the plantation.” Said; Anthony Melé, NYS Chairman, Latino NRC.

One retired NYPD Officer and former U.S. Marshal Lou Hernandez expressed Cuomo’s lack of concern about the serious issues plaguing New York’s Law Enforcement/Emergency Services Community from 911 recurring health problems and cut backs on essential training. Some observe the callous tone of the feud between dueling democrat socialist Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio when it comes to Police Officers. They rather see cops or EMS killed or injured than give either one the credit of a political win by ensuring they have what they need to do their job safely.

Hector Garced of Westchester County is incensed by the infamous and foul SAFE Act and other restriction for self defense on small business owners, often targeted by gangs, as witnessed in the murder of Jr. in a Bronx Bodega, where the owner, who could have been armed and protected himself and the murdered teen.

Mario Marquez is alarmed by the challenges facing Port Jervis and the Western border regions hurting the small business community that fall on deaf ears in Albany because their votes do not count as much as the Upper Eastside of Manhattan.

The point lost on Cuomo is Latinos do not fit into the identity politics game as played by the democrat socialist because Latinos are a people divided by a common language. South American and Caribbean Latinos are not all the same. Legal immigrant Latinos fled communist Cuba and socialist Venezuela for capitalist America not socialist New York. Puerto Rican Island residents did not depart high taxed Puerto Rico for over taxed New York just to get welfare they are equally eligible for there if needed.

They are here because they are not doing well over there. They take umbrage to be portrayed as welfare seekers and not industrious business creators, who must be diapered and bottled like an infant according to the democrat party dim view of them.

There is a political awakening afoot and it may culminate election day with a Governor Marc Molinaro courtesy of the Latino voters unseating this deer caught in the headlights Cuomo. If there is an upset in this race, it can be attributed to the Latino vote in New York.

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