State Of The County

It was with great pride that I recently presented my “State of the County” address to the people of Rockland.

Beyond the miraculous path we have taken to not only come back from the brink of bankruptcy but also move full speed ahead towards prosperity, one over arching theme was “Revenue instead of Taxes”.

Many of the initiatives announced focused on government structure and operations designed to do what all of us must do to survive … find ways to earn money not take nor expect money. That is the path to both stabilizing and eventually rolling back property taxes. While it will be a long haul I am optimistic, as after seeing what we, together, have accomplished, I absolutely believe that to be an achievable goal.

Much was covered, both in how we got to where we are now and more importantly, where we are heading in the future.

Below are links to both the print version and a video of the event.



About the Author
Ed Day, the current Rockland County Executive, has resided in Rockland for over 30 years and raised his family here. His varied non-political background includes executive professional experience in law enforcement and the private sector; civic experience including being past president of the Little Tor Neighborhood Association and 20 years of coaching young people; and extensive school and youth advocacy that includes being a PTA Life Award winner.

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