Evelyn 98: Lost Her License – What she did next was AWESOME!

This film tells the story of Evelyn who, despite her limited resources, goes out of her way to help her neighbor. We hope you and your friends will be as inspired by it as we are. We love this lady!  If you do too please click share!
Posted On May 07 2014
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Juke Box Memories – Doo Wop An American Art-form

With the advent of CD’s, MP3’s,  I-Tunes, have made listening to your favorite music from any era easier.  Yet, none of it can replace the charm and memories that surround the quaint old Juke-Box. As a pure American art form, invented by Americans in the music genre,...
Posted On Apr 15 2014

“Anyway” by Mother Teresa of Calcutta

  What kind of society awaits our progeny if collectivism strips away the individuality of your personhood?  Where collective accusations of ulterior motives obstruct individual acts of kindness or collective political correctness precludes free speech for fear of ridicule...
Posted On Apr 08 2014

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” ~ Albert Einstein

  Albert Einstein became one of the leading thinkers the human race produced with breakthroughs in mathematics, physics, quantum mechanics, space and time theories of relativity.  Imagine what the world would have lost had he suppressed his imaginings and sat contently as a...
Posted On Apr 08 2014

The American Patriot Prayer ~ Anthony Melé

Tho’ darkness ascends, and light grows dim, and feel you’re subjected, to this Ruler’s whim, have courage, take heart, and be self assured, the celestial light, burns deep within. Take command, then watch it alight, call up that flame, prepare for the fight, the Holy Ghost fury,...
Posted On Mar 06 2014